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Beau Ryan said Erin Molan doesn’t speak to him now she’s a big wig, but is there truth to his claim?

Is Beau vs Erin TV's next biggest feud?
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NRL Footy Show star Beau Ryan claimed on live radio that his co-star Erin Molan has become too important to answer his calls.

Beau said since Erin landed the top spot on on the Footy Show, taking over as host since Paul “Fatty” Vautin’s departure, she has no time for him.

“I haven’t spoken to her. She doesn’t really answer my calls anymore because she’s obviously big time,” the former Cronulla Sharks player told KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O.

It was announced just last month that the top job on the panel show was given to Erin, who just weeks before revealed she was expecting her first child.

“Well, she’s having a baby and she’s pretty much running the entire Channel 9 at the moment — ah her and Karl [Stefanovic] — so we’re back on in March,” Beau continued before concluding: “No one answers my calls [at Nine].”

While Beau’s words were rather heart-breaking, don’t be too sad for the former footy star. Since his radio interview, Beau has taken to Twitter to share a screen grab of a FaceTime chat between himself and the woman who supposedly isn’t answering his calls, Erin.

“She answered” Beau captioned the shot that shows a very excited Erin and a rather pleased looking Beau.

Erin also responded to reports suggesting the pair were feuding, taking to Twitter to share a screen grab of a conversation between them.

Beau had texted a link to an article with the headline “Beau Ryan ‘ignored’ by former Footy Show cohost Erin Molan”. She captioned the snap, “The start of one of television’s greatest feuds…”

So it turns out, true to his character, Beau was just stirring the pot.

We can’t wait to see these two pals back on screen together again soon. We also can’t wait to see a woman take the top seat on what has always been a male dominated show. Go Erin!

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