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“I had a tear in my eye”: Australian Idol’s Kate DeAraugo talks on motherhood with her newborn

Meet the mini Aussie Idol!
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Kate DeAraugo says everything changed when her gorgeous boy arrived 12 days past the due date, and was placed on her chest, leaving the two of them to gaze at each other in wonder.

“It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” an overjoyed Kate, 37, tells Woman’s Day.

“It’s something I couldn’t have prepared myself for, or that anybody else could have prepared me for, but that moment they pass you this tiny, tiny human and they put him on your chest…

“It makes me nearly cry just thinking about it. It’s all-consuming and everything changed for me in that moment. It was a very beautiful moment.”

“It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

(Image: Tina Smigielski)


The 2005 Australian Idol winner and her partner Shannon Riseley had an anxious wait to meet Hudson, who had to be medically induced 12 days after his due date, and arrived after a nine-and-a-half-hour labour.

“My friend Hudson was in no rush,” laughs the former Australian Idol star. “I definitely would like to have another one, and Shannon would have an army of kids if he could. It’s true, it’s all worth it, and that moment you’re handed this little baby you’ve made, the pain doesn’t matter.

“I was all the emotions, super-excited, super-overwhelmed, and then just super-terrified at the same time. It’s the most beautifully terrifying experience I’ve ever had.”

Such a beautiful family!

(Image: Tina Smigielski)

Kate says her partner, building foreman Shannon, 40, was “amazing” and stayed by her side throughout the natural birth, even though Kate “nearly ripped his shirt apart” and left a permanent indent from his watch on his wrist from holding on to each other.

“I was just there for her as she needed me,” Shannon says. “I was by her side the whole time. I held her hand the whole time. I was comforting Kate and making sure she was getting through it as best she could.”

“I had a tear in my eye. It was the best feeling in the world. This little human looking up at you. My heart melts when he cuddles into me and looks at me.”

“I held her hand the whole time.”

(Image: Tina Smigielski)

Kate and Shannon had a completely different name picked for Hudson, but slept on their choices and decided on Hudson Alexander the day after his birth at 8.40pm, November 24 at Northpark Private Hospital in Bundoora.

The popular singer, who will start performing again next year, says she also became a bit teary when Hudson was presented to her.

“I got a bit emotional but I was just in awe more than anything. I had this tiny person on my chest. He didn’t really cry. He just lay there and looked at me for the next how many hours. It was a very, very special moment and one I will never, ever forget.” she says.

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Kate spent four nights in hospital, and while she initially found breastfeeding challenging, and blamed herself, she and Hudson have it down pat now, and have settled into a routine of sorts at home.

“He’s been awesome,” smiles Kate, who says she couldn’t have imagined this joy after her struggles with body image and drug addiction before she regained sobriety and her sanity five years ago.

“There’s a moment after feeding him where he cuddles into me and it’s just me and him. When he’s on my chest and he’s cuddled into me and he goes to sleep, it’s an amazing moment. To be in this position is pretty unbelievable and pretty special and I’m super-grateful. Not everyone gets to come back from where I got to. It’s pretty wonderful all round.”

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