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Aussie mum Kim McGrath’s Tinder date with Shane Warne

Adelaide mum-of-two Kim McGrath was relatively new to dating app Tinder when she swiped her smartphone screen to chance upon former Aussie cricket star Shane Warne “looking for love”.

Kim, 43, and a girlfriend were combing through the app at her home on December 9 and Shane, 46, was in Adelaide to commentate on the Test.

“I’d ended a seven-month relationship four months earlier and my friend suggested I go on Tinder,” explains bombshell Kim.

“I was still new to it all and had been on four terrible coffee dates and was ready to give up.”

But then she came across “Shane”, whose profile pic looked remarkably like the sportsman well-known for his penchant for text sex. Kim never imagined it’d lead to the wild sex romp that still makes her blush.

The night of passion included Shane asking her to stand in the corner in her high heels while he spanked her; him discovering erogenous zones on her body she didn’t know existed; Shane driving her wild with his own brand of foreplay; and him talking dirty to her and encouraging her to try a few “porno” style moves.

Kim says their night of passion in a hotel room in Adelaide in December was beyond anything she imagined and she rates Shane as “one of the best lovers” she’s had.

“I thought it was hilarious he was on Tinder… I didn’t really think it was him,” Kim reveals to Woman’s Day.

She sent “Shane” a message saying “Seriously!!??” along with a smiley face with love hearts.

He responded 28 minutes later: “Yep it’s me, in Adelaide for the test match!!!!”

Kim had no idea this would lead to serious flirting, two dates and one wild romp.

“From the outset I thought it was a joke – my friend and I were rolling about laughing when I sent the message and I didn’t really believe it was Shane Warne until he walked in my door!

“I was blown away that it really was him,” explains Kim.

She invited Shane to come over to her house later but asked her friend to stick around “to make sure I was comfortable before she left me with him”.

Kim also asked Shane to send a photo to prove it really was him. He sent a selfie in which he was gazing directly at the camera with a come-hither look. She sent one back.

“Got it!!! You’re hot, are you home alone?” he asked on Tinder before checking, “Can I trust you? Are you private? This has to stay between us? X”

She then asked him if they could continue via texting on the phone. Shane even cheekily told Kim her girlfriend could “stay and watch us”, before asking if she was “up for being devoured”.

Read all the details of Kim’s raunchy encounter with Shane and see all the dirty texts, only in Woman’s Day, on sale January 19th.

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