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Botox or clean living? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese addresses the wild rumours

He made some life changing decisions.
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There has been plenty of speculation as to how Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has perfectly preserved his face from aging. Is it Botox or just clean living?

The 59-year-old cleared up rumours on Nova’s breakfast show Fitzy & Wippa.

Anthony denies botox rumours.

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“This is another subject that that we need to touch on. This is unbelievable because it was a headline that struck us Prime Minister on the Daily Mail, ‘Botox fillers or just clean living? Albo debuts a fresh new look as he sports a smoother complexion following his weight loss and style transformation’. Have you had Botox and how many fillers have you had Prime Minister?” Fitzy asked.

“Seriously, I think whoever wrote that article [has] been having Botox done in the wrong place,” Anthony responded.

Fitzy and Wippa applauded Anthony on his transformation.

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The Australian Prime Minster was adamant that following his near-death car crash experience last year in Sydney’s Inner West, he made the decision to prioritise his health and essentially turn his life around.

In the car crash, witnesses said Anthony’s car appeared to be “t-boned” at an intersection and was later taken to hospital for precautionary x-rays.

Wippa applauded Anthony on his body transformation.

“For anybody listening right, they might be carrying a couple of kilos, I mean the body transformation for you was significant and I commend you on what you’ve done. What was your one tip or secret that you [attribute] to the weight loss?” Wippa asked.

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“Don’t eat the bread,” the Prime Minister said. “I just had this morning I had two boiled eggs for breakfast. It keeps you going to lunchtime. Stopping eating in between meals is the big thing.

“That’s the other key is moderation, to not give up everything so I don’t, I haven’t given up everything I have the odd hot chip and all of that not be too religious about it.

“The real motivation – I don’t recommend this – as have a near life ending car crash that gives you a bit of a wake up call.

“So that’s what happened for me I was determined to get fitter after I had an accident in January almost two years ago now and that was a real wake up call to get fit and get healthy and it’s worked I feel much better for it and I just feel much better in the morning but much better throughout the day too.”

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