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Is Angelina Jolie trying to turn her kids against Brad Pitt?

The pair separated years ago, but the drama continues.
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As Hollywood’s most acrimonious divorce 
in recent memory drags on, more of Brad Pitt’s children have turned against him in favour of their mother, Angelina Jolie.

Woman’s Day can reveal that the 57-year-old’s daughter Shiloh – once thought to be the closest with her dad of all six children – has made a public declaration of support to her mum on social media.

Shiloh, 14, has joined Instagram using a private account, and despite the name Shiloh Jolie-Pitt being on her birth certificate, she has publicly dropped the Pitt half of her double-barrelled surname.

Despite this, the couple’s first-born biological child seems to be on good terms with his Missouri-based family, and follows Brad’s sister Julie Neal and sister-in-law Lisa Pitt, along with their children – Shiloh’s cousins Reagan Pitt, Rylie Neal 
and Josie Neal, and cousin-in-law Megan Neal.

A source says, “Brad would be hurt but not surprised by this. Out of all the kids, he was closest with Shiloh, and she has spent the most time with him. But as she gets older, she is keeping her distance from her father more and more – and he has no doubt her mother’s attitude towards him has everything to do with it.”

Brad and Angelina, 45, split
 in September 2016 after a confrontation on their private jet, which also allegedly involved their eldest son Maddox, now 19, with the 
other children, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16 and 12-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne also present.

The actor wants joint physical and legal custody of 
his children


As part of mediations, Maddox elected not to have 
a relationship with his father, and until recently the 
younger children had 
a supervisor present for 
visits with their dad.

While Angelina and Brad legally separated last year, their custody battle continues.

Angelina wants sole custody, while Brad argues he deserves joint access to his children – aside from Maddox, who 
is legally able to make his 
own choices.

It’s been reported that Pax and Zahara have also recently distanced themselves from the Oscar-winning actor.

It’s believed Brad is becoming increasingly frustrated with how much free rein Angelina has given their children during the court case, seemingly allowing them to do things she knows he’d be against.

Woman’s Day understands Brad was “shocked” to hear recently that Maddox, who is living in Seoul, South Korea, 
for university, has shown an interest in Scientology.

“Maddox did a lot of roaming around the neighbourhood when he was home for the summer, and apparently he popped into the Scientology celebrity centre, which is just up the road from them,” says 
a source.

“Maddox is into aliens and cults so it was probably just innocent curiosity, but Brad was furious that Angelina wasn’t keeping a better eye on him.

“Meanwhile, US magazines are reporting that Shiloh wants to be a model and that Angelina’s all for it, but Brad is very much not. Now the kids are teenagers and have minds of their own – without much consideration 
for their dad – it’s presenting a whole new bunch of problems for Brad, who is increasingly 
on the outer… much to Angelina’s delight.”

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