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Not even their marriages can compare to Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones’ friendship

''I think that's such a gift''
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Amanda Keller and Brendan “Jonesy” Jones say they’ve spent so much time working together since joining forces on their hit WSFM breakfast radio show in 2005, that their partnership has become more well-oiled than their own marriages!

“Because we’re in such a small little room together in the mornings and we have to talk so much and be engaged with our audience and engaged with each other, that we resolve our arguments, and there are a number of them, far more efficiently than we do in our own marriages,” says Amanda.

They would kill it on TV!

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The duo tell Woman’s Day their contract is up at the end of 2024 and admit they’ve been approached to make the move to breakfast TV.

“I really think if they let us do what we do on the radio on a TV show, I think we’d kill it,” Jonesy confesses.

“We have so much freedom. We can talk about the stuff that we are passionate about or the stuff that makes us laugh or makes us cry, or the stuff that’s happened in our lives. We can dictate what we talk about, and I think that’s such a gift in the media.”

The pair have a lot of love for each other.

But Karl Stefanovic, your job is safe – for now… Jonesy, 54, says he found it “difficult” making guest appearances on Today.

“They’d get you to talk about stuff, but it’d be stuff that you weren’t really interested in, you know?” says the father-of-three.

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However, Amanda isn’t ruling out a change.

“I’m always open to doing TV,” says the 61-year-old mother-of-two, who reveals the pair were first approached by TV producers about doing their own morning show when Kerri-Anne Kennerley finished up her Nine morning show Kerri-Anne in 2011.

“But the project’s got to be right.” And the paycheque, it would seem, with Jonesy and Amanda reportedly taking home a $4 million-a-year salary between them! After nearly two decades on air, the celebrities and don’t hesitate when asked who their favourite has been.

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