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Alec Baldwin shows off his baby daughter

She's not even two weeks old yet but Alec Baldwin's baby daughter has given her first TV interview.
Alec Baldwin with daughter Carmen.

She’s not even two weeks old yet but Alec Baldwin’s baby daughter has given her first TV interview.

Alec, 55, and wife Hilaria, 29, introduced newborn Carmen to the world in an interview on Extra TV last night.

Alec played the proud father in the TV segment, showering Carmen with kisses and gushing about how happy he is to be a father again.

“I am so lucky and blessed, all those things everybody feels when you have a baby and you want to have that family,” Alec said.

Alec said Carmen’s looks are changing daily but he hopes she ends up looking more like Hilaria than himself.

“I hope she looks like her mother,” he said. “What a waste of time it would be to marry a women like that and have the kid look like me.”

Hilaria gave birth to Carmen on August 24. It’s her first child and she is finding motherhood extremely satisfying.

“Honestly, it’s a dream come true,” she said. “Every single day I have trouble sleeping because I just want to look at her, and every single day you wake up and it’s Christmas.

“It’s a love that hurts. I want to make sure she’s okay, every single step of the way. It’s just absolutely indescribable.”

Alec has another daughter, Ireland, 17, with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

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