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Ada Nicodemou’s son Johnas is following in her footsteps by making an unexpected, albeit adorable small screen appearance

Of course he is a natural.
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Ada Nicodemou and her son Johnas are the cutest of pairs, and their strong bond is well known and a delight for Home and Away fans who have adored Ada over the years.

It was only a matter of time before Johnas took a liking to life in front of the camera, which has no doubt been inspired by days on set and watching his mum perform.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Johnas has made his first foray on the small screen… kinda.

Follow Ada’s prompt to see Johnas on screen.

(Credit: Instagram)

His proud mum couldn’t help but post a video of her son, who made it in front of the camera at a soccer match, as she beamed, “My boy on the telly today.”

Of course, he is his mother’s son and took to his TV moment with natural ease as the sports journalist asked him questions.

In the short video, Johnas is asked which team he thinks will win, but his thoughtful response was quite neutral.

“I’m not sure really,” said Johnas.

For soccer fans out there, the journalist asked him about his favourite team, and it’s now on the record that his top team is Liverpool.

Watch Johnas ace his small screen appearance here:

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Ada wrote the sweet words, “Love him xxx” over the video.

As any mum would, Ada took a picture of the television when Johnas made his appearance, and she provided some insight into how he was feeling before his big moment.

She wrote, “Very excited boy!!” with an arrow pointing down so her followers can identify him in the crowd.

They say that for true performers, that first time in front of the camera is exhilarating as much as it is nerve-wracking.

“Love him xxx”

(Credit: Instagram)

Considering Johnas has star potential genes and that he took so well to life in front of the camera maybe one day he will choose to follow his mum into show business.

Luckily, whatever he chooses, he will have Ada, who is so dedicated to him, by his side to support him no matter the weather.

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