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Abbie Chatfield breaks silence following rumours of split from Konrad Bień-Stephen

She's set the record straight.
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Abbie Chatfield has broken her silence on the rumours she has split from Konrad Bień-Stephen.

Taking to her Instagram stories this morning, Abbie neither confirmed nor denied the pair were still together.

Abbie Chatfield has responded to the recent breakup rumours.

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“Hey!!!! I’ve seen the articles about Konrad,” she wrote.

“He’s out of the country so I won’t be commenting on anything until he’s home. Can everyone not be so dramatic pls and relax.

“Both of us are totally okay,” Abbie reiterated.

“And can the paparazzi get their daily pic of me picking up dog poo then let me get a coffee in peace also,” she finished.

According to Daily Mail Australia, a well-placed source has confirmed the pair had separated

Rumours that the pair had split were rife today, as fans noticed that the pair had not been seen together for quite some time.

According to Daily Mail Australia, a well-placed source has confirmed the pair had separated and Konrad is already moving on quickly with his co-star Megan Marx, with the pair currently overseas filming new reality TV show The Challenge.

They claim that Konrad arrived on set and revealed he was recently single, beginning a dalliance with Megan shortly after.

“The drama is insane, Konrad is sleeping with Megan [Marx],” the source said.

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“On the first night of filming he hooked up with Megan. I didn’t know what was happening,” they continued.

Abbie and Konrad confirmed that they were in a relationship at the end of last year, once Konrad’s appearance on The Bachelorette came to an end.

They have seemed happily loved-up ever since, even candidly discussing their open relationship on social media.

“I’ve never been upset or threatened by someone [I’m in a relationship with] sleeping with someone else. It’s my kink,” Abbie said in a recent chat with Stellar Magazine.

“I just never really valued monogamy that much,” Abbie once said.

(Image: Instagram)

“I just never really valued monogamy that much. It sounds awful, but I don’t really see him all that much, maybe two days a week,” she revealed.

“I don’t know if it’s scarcity, but he’s very good at communicating, and so am I.”

But the pair have not been seen together publicly for some time now, and have been making less and less appearances on each other’s social media accounts over the last few weeks.

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