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Abbie Chatfield has strongly reprimanded the Bachelor’s Holly and Jimmy for their “misogynistic” OnlyFans opinion

The reality TV drama surrounding the site just won't end.
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Abbie Chatfield has become the latest star to weigh in on the Married At First Sight OnlyFans drama, hitting back at comments made by fellow Bachie alums Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston.

On Tuesday night the winning Bachelor couple took to Instagram to share their opinion on the rising trend of reality TV stars turning to the adult content site to make money.

The couple announced that they had no plans to join “sell nudes online” on the platform, Jimmy adding that he would rather see TV personalities start charities or use their platforms to set an example for younger Australians.

Abbie took aim at the couple, calling their views “misogynistic”.

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You can watch the original videos Holly and Jimmy shared here.

Their comments sparked a huge wave of debate and fellow Bachelor alum Abbie was quick to share her opinion on her own Instagram Stories.

Calling the message Holly and Jimmy shared “sex work shaming”, “very problematic” and “misogynistic” she revealed that she messaged Holly within moments of the Stories being uploaded.

“I messaged her explaining what was wrong with it in the hopes that a private message from me, someone who has hung out with them before, would then cause them to sit and think about what they posted and maybe post an apology,” Abbie said.

Abbie posted screenshots of the message she sent to Holly mintues after the original video was uploaded.

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She shared a screenshot of the message she sent to Holly, where she called the couple’s comments “the opposite of progressive” and encouraged them to stop “shaming marginalized communities”. You can read the full message below.

When the couple doubled down on their views on Wednesday, Abbie was “extremely uncomfortable” and “disappointed” so decided to address the drama publicly.

“No one actually asked you guys what you thought the morality around OnlyFans or sex work was, they just asked if you would do it,” Abbie pointed out.

“To be honest I don’t think anyone really cared that much. This felt like a vessel to speak about your dismissal of people who do OnlyFans.”

Cyrell shared these comments on Instagram supporting the couple.

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She went on to explain how people who use OnlyFans or engage in sex work are often deeply marginalised and didn’t want Holly and Jimmy’s comments to encourage more negativity or judgement.

In another Story, Abbie pointed out that people can do OnlyFans and be philanthropic, addressing Jimmy’s comments that reality TV stars should be “good role models” and start charities instead of selling nude photos.

“You can be a sex worker and be a role model, and you can be a non-sex worker and be a complete f—king piece of liberal f—king voting piece of s—t,” she said angrily.

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield reveals unseen messages with Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston

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Hours later she uploaded a series of follow-up videos claiming that Jimmy had called her after she posted the original clips and “basically said that I should’ve given him and Holly a heads up”.

She pointed out that she had messaged Holly on Tuesday night, but claimed Jimmy accused her of “being very aggressive”.

“There was a long seven-minute conversation had… let me just say the tone of voice was what I imagine a dad getting you in trouble was like,” she alleged.

The Bachelor couple have faced backlash for sharing their views.

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“He seems to stick by his opinion… but you have to understand the repercussions of that.”

Abbie is among a growing number of reality stars who have addressed Holly and Jimmy’s comments, with some like Cyrell Paule supporting the Bachelor couple.

“Don’t know why they are getting hate for it,” the former MAFS bride wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

In their original videos, Holly and Jimmy made it clear that they carry “no judgement” towards people who do OnlyFans and simply wanted to share their opinion on the site, as they had received questions about whether or not they planned to join.

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