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A touching tribute to Charlotte Dawson

A touching tribute to Charlotte Dawson

Woman’s Dayreporter Jonathan Marshall writes a touching tribute to his beautiful friend, Charlotte Dawson.

Dear Charlotte,

You were my Australian mum, one of my best friends, an inspiration, a flatmate, a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with, one of the few who really got me.

I don’t cry much. But this week has been different. When I was headed for breakfast on Saturday I got the call. I was numb. I didn’t know what to do or say.

A few hours later, things changed; I broke down.

Late in 2011, I called to tell you I thought it was time for me to leave New Zealand to build a career in Australia.

Without any hesitation, you told me to book a flight and come live with you.

I was hesitant, afraid of the obstacles involved in setting up in a new city. You told me to stop worrying and said I would be fine, that you would make sure of it. And you did.

We would often joke about how ironic it was we became mates.

As a shambolic teenager, I wrote nasty stories about you on my embarrassingly scurrilous website nztabloid.com.

You went on the Holmes show and dished up a well-deserved serving, saying I was “just an attention-seeking 17-year-old”. But then, somehow, we built a bridge and formed the most fantastic friendship. Thank you for your forgiveness. But that’s what you were: generous, loving, warm and caring.

I always knew Sydney was fun but you made it so much better than it would have been. When we started looking for an apartment to rent together and found the Finger Wharf, we were both jumping with excitement knowing the memories the property would deliver.

Just over a week ago, you called and ordered me to come around. The crowd grew; the deck of the apartment came alive.

We danced until it was time to get some rest before work the next day. I remember whispering in your ear how much I loved you. And, Charlotte, I meant it.

When others walked away, you were there. You never turned your back on the people in your life that others thought were mad. But hey, you were a bit mad yourself – and we all treasured that.

When I needed a growling, when I was acting crazy, you told me to pull my head in. When I introduced you to my friends, you would welcome them into your home with unconditional hospitality. You warned me off those you thought were trouble. They all loved you. You were their glimpse into the world of showbiz.

I know you were struggling. It showed more recently than ever before. You thought you were getting old; the fame game wasn’t giving you the rewards it once did.

But bloody hell you judged it so wrong. You had so much more to give. The talent behind that unprecedented white-teethed smile was like no other person I have ever met.

But now you are gone. I can’t say I’m not angry with you. I am. You should be sitting with me right now having a wine – a “buttery chard” as you would say.

Goodbye, Charlotte. I will never forget you. I can’t wait to sit with you and reminisce on the special times.

There were heaps.

Love, Jonathan xxx

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