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Robert Irwin honours his dad Steve Irwin by recreating his iconic crocodile feeding photo

Like father, like son.

By Alex Lilly
You don't need to be an expert to see that Robert Irwin is the spitting image of his late dad, Steve Irwin.
Along with his big sister Bindi and his mum Terri, the 15 year-old wildlife conservationist is continuing his dad's legacy all over the world. But it's this snap of Robert feeding a crocodile at Australia Zoo that has melted hearts.
Taking to Instagram, the son of the late Crocodile Hunter shared a split image of two photos, one of Steve and one of himself both taken as a crocodile is jumping up to receive some food.
"Dad and me feeding Murray... same place, same croc - two photos 15 years apart ❤️🐊," Robert captioned his post.
And if you welled up seeing the iconic photo recreation, you're not the only one. Robert's post was inundated with well-wishes just minutes after it was uploaded.
"Can't begin to imagine how proud he would be Robert.Xx," the Project's Lisa Wilkinson commented.
Former Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown also wrote underneath, "So special. And so much style mate!"
Seeing double? So are we! (Image: Instagram @robertirwinphotography)
Robert was just a toddler when his father died in 2006 at just 44 years of age after a stingray fatally struck him through the chest.
To celebrate Father's Day in the US, Bob shared a sweet throwback snap of himself as a baby, a young Bindi and their dad captioning it "You'll always be the best dad in the world ❤️"
How cute was baby Robert? (Image: Instagram @robertirwinphotography)
Speaking to The Australian Women's Weekly earlier this year, Terri Irwin confessed that they communicate well as a family and she thinks it's a natural effect of losing Steve.
"I think we became closer and stronger as a family and we have developed this awareness that allows us to truly value the people closest to us even more than we already did," she said.
"It's sad that it takes a tragedy such as Steve's death to amp that up in your life, but it does make you want to live every day to the fullest and appreciate the people you love. I'm the first to admit that I can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but I have a saying that I think is very true. It's that the meaning of life is unconditional love and that's what we have for each other."
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