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Nicole Kidman shares a heartbreaking truth about Mother's Day during COVID-19 lockdown

The Aussie actress opened up about her one wish for the special day.

By Jess Pullar
Celebrated Australian actress Nicole Kidman has opened up about her heartache on Mother's Day this year as she continues to remain in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The 52-year-old actress is currently residing in her Nashville home with husband Keith Urban and their two daughters, 11-year-old Sunday Rose and nine-year-old Faith Margaret.
And while the actress will be pleased to celebrate the special day with her daughters, there is another, very special person that will be noticeably missing from the day.
Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald via telephone, Nicole laid bare her heartbreak at not seeing her mum on May 10 this year as Mother's Day is celebrated across Australia and New Zealand.
"We're in a position where we just have to relinquish control right now and go day by day," she said.
But as much as she's trying to stay positive, that hasn't detracted from the hard reality of being away from her wider family.
"I have my immediate family here, but I don't have my extended family, who are so much a part of me. I can't touch them," she said.
"So many people are in exactly the same position. So many people right now are going, 'When do I see my family again?'"
Nicole is close with her sister Antonia and mum Janelle. (Instagram)
The actress described her mum to the publication as "my mentor, my guide and my nurturer", while adding that she was extremely grateful for Keith's mother Marienne.
"She gave me Keith, she gave me the greatest gift," she said of Marienne.
"And I am down-on-my-knees grateful to her."
The actress and her mum are extremely close. (Instagram)
For the day itself, Kidman described her ideal celebration with her mum.
"I would love to be able to have a cup of tea with mum and sit on the balcony and talk about life, and have her tell me what I should be doing," the actress said.
She also admitted that it had been "really hard", especially given she had recently made the decision to relocate back to Australia in order to be closer to her 80-year-old mum.
"Talk about just gut-wrenching. At least there's FaceTime and technology because that's been a saving grace... It's been really hard," she said.
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Despite the circumstances, Nicole has been making the best of isolation.
As well as providing light entertainment for her and Keith Urban's following on social media via live gigs, she has used her Instagram to share messages of support and guidance for others feeling the same way.
Hopping aboard the trending hashtag #HopeAtHome, Nicole shared what was helping her through this period this week.
"What gives me hope right now is this Italian phrase "Andrà tutto bene" which means "everything will be alright!" During this time while staying at home I have been studying Italian which has given me hope, solace and distraction," she wrote alongside a picture of herself reading.
"I've always been in love with Italy but to be able to rediscover the language right now has been such a saving grace for me."

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