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Nicole Kidman shares a beautiful and rare photo of her daughter, Sunday Rose

The candid snap was taken as the mum and daughter enjoy autumnal weather in Nashville.

By Jess Pullar
Nicole Kidman is renowned for keeping aspects of her personal life private, especially when it comes to her two young daughters - but in a rare move, the mum-of-two has made an exception.
Taking to her Instagram account this week, the award-winning actress shared an incredible snap of herself and her 11-year-old daughter Sunday Rose as they shared a beautiful bonding moment, and we quite frankly can't stop staring at it.
Kidman, who has more than five million followers on Instagram, took to the platform to share the candid snap alongside the fitting caption: "Sunday walk with Sunday".
The actress also added some sweet hashtags: #MotherDaughter and #Happiness.
The gorgeous picture captures the autumnal light perfectly. (Instagram / @nicolekidman)
The image shows young Sunday Rose wearing a beautiful floaty skirt and boots, while Nicole is seen in a turtle-neck sweater and black pants.
Believed to be taken in their home in Nashville, Tennessee, their outfits look perfect for the autumnal weather they're currently experiencing.
A number of Nicole's fans took to the Instagram image to share their love.
"Daughters are a blessing 🙏🏻❤️," wrote one fan.
Another said: "What a beautiful landscape! 💕💕"
Nicole rarely shares photos of her daughters. (Instagram /@nicolekidman)
Nicole's two daughters, Sunday and Faith, eight, are definitely growing up fast.
In July, it was revealed the pair were truly following in their mother's footsteps by landing their first major Hollywood roles.
Indeed the pair were revealed to be lending their voices in children's animated movie The Angry Birds Movie 2.
Sunday voiced a bird named Lily, while Faith lent her voice to a bird named Beatrice in the film, which was officially released in September.
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The world revelled even earlier this year when Kidman's daughters were spotted on the set of a new TV series Kidman was working on.
The two girls appeared to be playing extras in the production, The Undoing.
Sunday and Faith were seen wearing school uniforms, presumably as their costumes, on a street in Manhatten's Upper East Side.
And like their mum, they looked professional as ever.
Nicole's two daughters Sunday and Faith were seen on set with Nicole, where they were playing extras in a TV show. (Images: Getty)
Nicole speaks rarely about her children, but when she does, the world listens with keen interest.
In a surprise interview earlier this year, the stunning actress even spoke about her not-so-traditional parenting methods for her two daughters, which includes some hard and fast rules.
Revealing that she doesn't allow either daughter a mobile phone, Kidman also puts a blanket ban on the use of social media, including Instagram.
"I try to keep some sort of boundaries," she told Vanity Fair.
While she admitted the move might make her "unpopular", the actress is clearly smitten with her daughters, also saying that she takes them with her as often as she can when she's working.
And going by her latest Instagram snap, she also cherishes every special moment with them.

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