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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Nicole Kidman's shaky start back in Australia

The star appeared stressed while out in Sydney recently.

By Woman's Day team
For Nicole Kidman, the past year has been wild.
She and husband Keith Urban have uprooted their idyllic family life in Tennessee and returned to Australia, where the actress has revelled in spending more time with her 80-year-old mum Janelle and sister Antonia, 50.
Keith, 53, meanwhile, is believed to have travelled between here and the US "a couple of times", with a source saying he's "changed his mind on wanting to live in America" as COVID ravages the country, crippling the music industry.
We're told the couple, who 
were once involved in a tense standoff over where to live, are now "on the same page" about wanting to stay in Australia for the foreseeable future – but that "it's opened a whole new can 
of worms" for them.
"Moving their entire life from the States to Australia is not as easy as you may think, even with endless amounts of money," says our source.
"In fact, having all that wealth makes it harder as they have to navigate US tax laws, which are confusing, given they'll still be earning royalties and property revenue in America. It's a minefield 
and I have no doubt she'll be consulting an army of lawyers over how to handle it all."
Nicole headed off to an appointment in Sydney. (Image: Media Mode)
Indeed, Nic, 53, was spotted last week visiting an office tower in the Sydney suburb of Miranda, which houses a law firm offering a wide range of specialist services, along with several medical practices.
"She seemed very lost in thought," reports an onlooker.
"No one 
is commenting on who she 
was there to visit, but it was strange Keith wasn't with her."
There was no sign of Keith by Nicole's side. (Instagram)
Days later, Nicole also took 
a solo trip to a Sunday church service in Sydney.
Woman's Day understands the family have been spending most of their time at their Southern Highlands home, with a source adding, "They'll be in Sydney more while Keith works on The Voice. They can't wait to tie up loose ends so they can really focus on life in Australia."

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