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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just had the most awkward kiss at the Golden Globes & we can't look away


By Bella Brennan
The 2018 Golden Globes are off to a very loved-up start thanks to Nicole Kidman, who used her speech for Best Television Performance by an Actress in Big Little Lies as an open mic to share her undying love for her husband of 11 years, Keith Urban.
But not before she shared a painfully awkward smooch with her other half for all to see.
As Nic's name was announced, the mother-of-four lent in to kiss her main man but it appeared the usually super-in-sync pair were having an off moment and shimmied back and forth before finally finding their groove and smooching.
Although it looks like Nic collided with Keith's forehead.
Watch the weirdness unfold in the player above. Post continues...
Taking to the stage the overwhelmed 50-year-old thanked her two daughters with Keith, Sunday Rose, nine, and Faith Margaret, six.
"Sunny, Faith, I love you! I'm bringing this home to you babies!"
However, yet again Nicole didn't acknowledged her two adopted kids, Bella Cruise and Connor Cruise, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.
This marks Nicole's fourth Golden Globe award.
Online, fans were quick to point out the slip-up.
"Nicole Kidman did not thank her daughter/son she adopted with Tom Cruise in her speech. She didn't thank them at the Emmys either. I am not surprised, if she divorced Tom Cruise, the Church of Scientology declared her a suppressive person and her children were turned against her," writer Yashar Ali noted.
The star did, however, thank her Big Little Lies co-stars: "This is ours to share. Wow, the power of women."
Before taking a moment to praise her mother.
"And my mama. My mama was an advocate for the women's movement when I was growing up. And because of her, I'm standing her. Antonia Kidman, my sister and I say thank you Janelle Kidman for what you fought for so hard."
"This character that I play represents something that is at the centre of our conversation right now, abuse. I do believe and I hope that we can elicit change."
Bang! Keith and Nic's heads collided.
Finishing off her address, Nic poured her heart out as she thanked Keith.
"And Keith Urban when my cheek is against yours everything melts away and that is love. It's true! I love you so much. God bless you, thank you," the star, who has just won her fourth Golden Globe award, proclaimed.
'Scuse us while we go and weep for true love as pure as Nic and Keith's that we'll never know.
"keith Urban when my cheek is against yours everything melts away."