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Hate me because I'm beautiful! MAFS' Jessika Power claims she's bullied because she's a 'pretty girl'

''And without sort of blowing my own horn, it's just because I am a pretty girl.''

By Anita Lyons
She's no doubt one of the most famous exports of season six's Married at First Sight and Jessika Power's light shows no signs of being dimmed.
When it comes to her gorgeous looks, the 27-year-old knows her value better than anyone - just ask her.
In a new interview with News.com.au, the Queensland local spoke out about her surgery and how it "annoyed" her when people credit her beauty to surgery.
"I've always been told I look fake, even prior to having anything done," she revealed to the outlet.
"And without sort of blowing my own horn, it's just because I am a pretty girl, people are calling me fake and putting my beauty down to procedures," she said.
"But I've had the smallest amount done. It's not like I've stuffed my face full of Botox. I can still frown, I can still move my face, so I'm not full fake — and it confuses me."
The MAFS star admits she's a "pretty girl." (Image: Instagram @jessika_power
Back in May, Jessika revealed to NW mag that she had had $25k worth of surgery, but her wishlist didn't stop there.
Admitting to two lots of dental work, cheek and lip fillers, Botox and a brow lift, all with a hefty price tag, the now-pink haired bombshell has debuted some "perky" D-cup breasts, with fat taken from her thighs.
The procedure alone cost $16,000 but she was really "happy with the results".
"I went up two sizes from a B cup to a D cup," she revealed to News.com.au of her breast enhancement.
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Jess insists that the procedure was to "boost her confidence" and that she "feels a lot sexier".
"They're not too big, they're still perky but I feel lot more confident and a lot more of a woman," she said during the interview.
The break-out MAFS star is now almost unrecognisable post surgery - and as you can see, it's not just her locks that had the most dramatic change.
Check out her transformation below!
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Jessika has now spent over $50,000 on surgery - but was it worth it?
"I feel like any cosmetic procedure, even changing your hair colour, is a personal decision. I do things to make myself feel good," she said.

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