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Married At First Sight's Michelle Marsh "all over" love rat Jono Pitman

Look away, Jesse! The fruiterer’s ex-wife Mish has already set her sights on a new guy…

By Alix Nicholson and Lucy Manly
If at first you don't succeed, cross-pollinate with a season two MAFS star! That seems to be Michelle Marsh's mantra.
She might have said “buh-bye” to Jesse Konstantinoff, but she sure isn't sitting at home feeling guilty!
Mich was spotted hitting the town in Melbourne alongside her twin sister Sharon and her TV “husband” Nick Furphy.
But she wasn’t third-wheeling. She had season two MAFS star Jono Pitman to keep her company - and according to an eyewitness, the pair looked very cosy!
Has Mish already moved on to another reality star?
“It definitely looked like a double date,” Melbournian Ashley Roberts, who spotted the foursome on their night out, told The Daily Telegraph.
“They were on Southbank for drinks, and walking outside Crown [casino]. I think that [Jono] is friends with Nick, Michelle’s twin’s partner.”
“They were really flirty and all over each other,” she added. “Why do all these reality stars hook up?”
Jono – who famously declared “that’s not what I ordered” as his love match Clare Verrall walked down the aisle — was seen with the TV trio at Melbourne’s Southbank just days before Michelle broke things off with her Adelaide-based love match Jesse on the show.
Speaking to NTL about the outing, Jono said they had bonded over their MAFS journeys.
"Michelle and I got in contact with each other a little while ago as we both had similar situations on the show," he told us.
"I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle not long ago. We spoke about our experiences on the show and got along really well. It was great to meet her."
Jesse and Mish's conversations on the commitment ceremony couch have been known to leave the Adelaide-based fruiterer in tears.
Many viewers have slammed Michelle for leading Jesse on, labelling her one of the villains of this season. However, the blonde babe insists they are happier in their new relationship as friends.
“Jess and I are content and happy,” Michelle shared on Instagram after their split.
“Relationship/friendships are not always an easy ride… but we can both walk away from this experiment knowing we gave it our best. We adore each other and feel so lucky to have each other.”
Jono, meanwhile, was known as resident the bad guy in his MAFS journey.
But despite his rocky relationship with Clare, the blonde beauty wishes her ex-husband all the best.
Clare and Jono's relationship fizzled out quickly on the show.
“If Michelle and Jono are newly together that's great and I hope they find happiness in one another,” she told The Daily Mail.
“I genuinely wish nothing but happiness for Jono. We were not a good match, however he certainly deserves to find love.”