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EXCLUSIVE: Jesse says Michelle stayed on MAFS for her sister

We had a chat to the perpetual "mate" Jesse about his wife's real reasons for staying on Married At First Sight...

By Carrissa Lawrie and Alix Nicholson
Jesse Konstantinoff and Michelle Marsh

When you think about Married at First Sight couple Jesse Konstantinoff and Michelle Marsh, one term instantly comes to mind: “friend zone."

While Jesse’s been busy pouring his heart and soul into the marriage to his beautiful wifey on the show that's got us all obsessed, Mish’s been accused by fans time and time again of leading the lovely lad on.

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Jesse and Michelle are all smiles on the commitment ceremony couch.
Jesse and Michelle are all smiles on the commitment ceremony couch.

But now, Jesse reveals to OK! exclusively that viewers may have been right all along – and that his leading lady hasn't been sticking around the MAFS love shack for the sake of their relationship!

“I think that her sister [Sharon] being there helped her stay,” the 31-year-old fruit and veg retailer, explains to OK!.

Michelle’s twin Shaz, on the other hand, has embarked on a very loved-up relationship with her match Nick Furphy.

“He keeps me on my toes, and he's got a great sense of humour, and that's one of the main things I wanted out of someone – someone with a great sense of humour,” Sharon gushed recently to Popsugar.

Meanwhile, poor Jesse admits he’s struggled along the way with his relationship with Michelle.

“There were some nights where I was very anxious with a sense of not knowing where my life was heading and if Mish was still going to be there,” he tells OK!.

But don’t worry, JessMish fans! Those two crazy kids swear they’re working it out.

“We're both very open with each other… We felt really comfortable together and that is what made us want to give it a shot,” he revealed on the Today Show.

Despite the relationship roller-coaster they've been on over the past few weeks, the MAFS stars are still finding time for fun.

Blonde bombshells Shaz and Mish dazzled on Friday night when they stepped out without their “husbands” to celebrate the opening of Ku De Ta restaurant in Perth.

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