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MAFS's Nadia Stamp talks surgery, posing nude… and the infamous boys’ night

Married At First Sight's Nadia stamp opens up to OK! about plastic surgery, her topless past and what she really thinks about her husband Anthony Manton's behaviour at the boys' night.

By Carrissa Lawrie
MAFS's Nadia Stamp

Why hasn't Married At First Sight's Nadia Stamp left her reality show beau Anthony Manton already?

It's a question fans around Australia have been screaming at their TV screens these past several weeks after witnessing the race caller brand his wife 'frigid' - and most recently, made inappropriate remarks about her apparent flat chest.

Here, Nadia chats exclusively to OK! about her controversial hubby, her breasts, cosmetic surgery and her days on the pageant circuit with a very famous Miss Universe...

Doesn't Nadia look incredible!
Doesn't Nadia look incredible!

Anthony’s comment about the size of your breasts caused some uproar. Was it hard watching the footage?
It’s harsh. I think it was like the frigid comment. He’s just very uncensored in his approach.

Were you offended by it?
It comes back to tact and the fact he could probably find some better words to use. For a person that is insecure or not comfortable in their skin, that comment would be quite offensive, but I’m 100 per cent happy with my body. I’ve actually had a boyfriend tell me that I needed a boob job before.

Is it something you’ve considered?
Never, because being a model, I wouldn’t fit a standard size if I did [have the procedure]. It’s actually only now that I would look at a little extra padding there, but when I was younger it was all about having no boobs. Just because society now says that curves are great doesn’t mean that I’m going to go and cut myself open and put fake tits in. Just a handful is enough for me. I just don’t think that I want anything foreign in my body… I’ve kept it natural until this point.

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Nadia with her hubby Anthony.
Nadia with her hubby Anthony.

And you’ve posed topless before…
I think that not being ashamed of your body is quite a liberating thing for a woman. If it’d not displayed in a sexual manner, then I don’t see anything wrong with it, but everything in taste. I try to keep it classy.

And you were a pageant girl – and Miss Congeniality no less – were you friends with Jennifer Hawkins?
She came to my sashing. [Jen] was Miss Universe the year before and was just a Newcastle girl. She was very down to earth back then, very different to how she is now. We hung out; she was really approachable; she was really cool.

A Miss Universe finalist in 2005, Nadia landed the title of Miss Congeniality.
A Miss Universe finalist in 2005, Nadia landed the title of Miss Congeniality.

Back to Anthony – did you see the same Anthony that viewers are seeing?
I think that he is tolerant and impatient and he just cracks up, but he’s not always brash – there was a softer side to his personality, too. He’s very gentle with me behind closed doors, and very caring.

What about when he defended Andrew on the infamous boys’ night?
I guess he has his relationship with Andrew. Everyone has a different level of what is appropriate and what isn’t.

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