Married At First Sight's Nadia: "Anthony's a good guy!"

The reality-TV star shares the truth about her controversial relationship.

By Carrissa Lawrie
Despite the national outcry for Married at First Sight bride Nadia to leave her outspoken hubby Anthony, she’s standing by his side, which begs the question as to whether the two have really split post-show as recent reports claim.
"Anthony is a great person," the Brisbane-based flight attendant told OK! on February 27. "They are showing highlighted moments… there’s more to what is being seen."
The 37-year-old says that despite hubby Anthony, 33, being branded "aggressive" by viewers and a "bully" by other MAFS couples, she hasn’t spotted any red flags in their relationship.
Nadia says that Anthony is "a great person" and she's enjoying getting to know him.
An upcoming episode sees race caller Anthony drop one of his most offensive comments yet about the lack of affection from his on-screen wife, although Nadia reveals she’s seen worse.
"My last relationship was tumultuous and what made it so traumatic was that Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer and he had no empathy – it was shattering," she tells of the one-year romance, which ended three years ago.
Nadia says she wants to give Anthony the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their relationship.
Getting to the stage in life where she feels ready to start a family, the former Miss Universe finalist says she’s willing to give Anthony the benefit of the doubt.
Here, she speaks openly about the relationship that has Australia talking…
So, first things first – are we seeing Anthony as you saw him?
He’s himself and I’m me, and he’s expressive and that’s what I want. I want someone who is honest. You look at any relationship and you have your ups and downs, and a lot of those strong opinions are diluted with some very beautiful moments. That’s why I’m still in the experiment.
Nadia appeared smitten on their wedding day.
Intimacy has been an issue, so do you feel that there’s chemistry between you?
I think there’s definitely chemistry with Anthony, but I think that is developing as well, and that’s just getting to know each other and understanding each other’s boundaries.
Do you think it’s fair that Anthony’s questioning your lack of intimacy?
We made a decision not to rush. I’m not huge on PDAs and I feel like I’m a person who likes things to evolve naturally.
Much of Australia is wondering why you are sticking with him…
Opinions are opinions. There’s a bigger context, and viewers don’t get to see that – they see the story created around those pivotal moments.
Can you see your relationship going the distance?
Anthony is a great person and we all have our differences, but I’m open-minded and open-hearted, and that’s how I’ve approached this experiment. I’ve never been a chick to give an ultimatum to a guy or to rush into things due to desperation – that’s not how I roll. Things either stick or they don’t and at the moment we are still sticking, which is a good thing.
Anthony has been part of his fair share of controversy on the show.
Do you hope more modelling work comes your way after the show?
I’m not in this experiment to boost my career… I’m in it to possibly find love and to learn and grow in myself, because I’m at the age where I would like to be able to have a family with someone and to get to that next stage in my life.
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