Kyle and Jackie O are back on Melbourne radio! But it’s not happy news for everyone

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Kyle and Jackie O are taking their show to Melbourne!

Following the re-sign with ARN, they will not only remain on air until 2034, The Kyle & Jackie O Show, is set to expand into Melbourne in 2024.

Kyle and Jackie celebrated their 10 year contracted with some champagne!

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Jackie O Henderson explained her excitement for the expansion, “It’s an honour to broadcast to Melbourne again after so many years, and to welcome them back to our craziness is really exciting.”

“After 23 years of broadcasting with Kyle, I still pinch myself that our show continues to grow in ratings and in reach.”

“We are incredibly thankful for the support ARN has showed us and the belief they continue to have in our show.”

Although, it’s not good news for everyone…

The deal means that Lauren and Jase will be off KIIS FM by the end of the year.

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Lauren Phillips broke down in tears Wednesday morning as she announced that her KIIS FM Melbourne show with co-host Jason ‘Jase’ Hawkins had been cancelled to make room for Kyle and Jackie O’s return.

A spokesperson for ARN confirmed to the Daily Mail that The Kyle & Jackie O Show deal resulted in Jase and Lauren being out of a job by the end of December.

Not to worry, Jase and Lauren should be able to find another station due to their success at KIIS FM. Their show brought in a range of new listeners and was sitting third in the Melbourne radio market.

The two confirmed the news on air, revealing they found out just the night before via a phone call with the ARN bosses.

This was especially tough for Lauren after starting her radio career in 2004 and even previously working on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“We didn’t want this. We said goodbye to both your mum and dad in those two years, we said hello to your baby Archie, said goodbye to the queen. We have celebrated and had broken limbs and heads.” a tearful Lauren started, referring to Jase.

“We’re a little dysfunctional family. And we’re still on air until the end of next week, so we will still be rocking up. I wish Kyle and Jackie O good luck, they are extremely lucky to inherit the people that listen to this show.” Jase added.

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Lauren has shared more thoughts on their replacement just a week after finding out that their show was cancelled.

She described the news as ‘brutal’ and revealed how she thinks the Kyle and Jackie O Show will work in Melbourne.

Lauren explained to The Herald Sun, that their show was made for Melbourne.

They developed a connection with the city whereas a Sydney-based show wouldn’t be able to relate to the audience as well.

“It was a safe place when this great city had gone through a lot of things, from lockdowns to the cost of living. We made it a place for people to laugh and for people to cry.”

“Our listeners wanted that and they are smart. If I walk away from it with just one person saying the show belongs to Melbourne then I would be pretty proud of that.”

What does the move mean for Kyle and Jackie O?

They will be syndicating their normal Sydney show to Melbourne but their show will continue as normal.

Kyle Sandilands reflected on how exciting their deal was and how it is the longest radio deal in Australian history.

“Speaking of 10 years … 10 years ago the ‘other’ network we were once at told Jackie and I that we were past our used-by date and no longer relevant.”

“So that’s a fun little observation that’s worth mentioning on such a momentous day. Cheers, to ARN for the great partnership and to the future goals we’ll continue kicking together.”

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