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Keith Urban reveals how lockdown strengthened his marriage to Nicole Kidman

“I didn’t do well with it."

By Maddison Hockey
Lockdown has been a challenging time for everyone – believe it or not, even our favourite celebs have felt its crippling effects.
Creative industries, like many others, have struggled to adapt, and that has weighed heavily on its artists, like beloved musician, Keith Urban.
In a candid new interview with Stellar, the 42-year-old has revealed that while in lockdown at his Nashville home, he lost all inspiration to create music.
"I got creatively paralysed," Keith explained.
"I didn't do well with it. I just wanted to get in my trackies, sit on the couch and watch TV with Nic and the kids, and do nothing."
And, that's exactly what he did.
Keith held online concerts for fans from his at home studio, with number one fan Nicole cheering him on. (Instagram)
While it wasn't conducive to his half-finished album – and some-what concerning for his management - Keith says it did allow his family to become even closer.
"I did that [nothing] for a while. The family got super-tight during that period."
Still in awe of his wife after 14 years of marriage, Keith explains it's Nicole who inspires his music and work ethic.
"I definitely married up. Isn't that what we're all supposed to be doing? She's just very willing to try things; that's rubbed off on me."
Nicole and Keith are more loved up than ever. (Instagram)
Just last month, Keith and Nicole relocated their family back to Australia where Nicole is producing and filming the new series Nine Perfect Strangers, another Liane Moriarty adaption following on from the success of HBO's Big Little Lies production.
Now living in Byron Bay, Keith says having extended family around too has been a gift.
"The only struggle is my mum and brother are up in Queensland," he explained.
"Nic's mum and sister, and her kids and husband, are around. All the kids and cousins have got each other, which is really nice."
The couple recently relocated to Byron Bay. (Getty)
Even when Nicole is on set working, Keith admits he isn't quick to fill her place teaching the kids at home.
"I'm glad I'm not the teacher," he joked.
"I left school at 15! Our kids are used to remote learning anyway. We always stay together as a family, so if Nic's shooting a film we just relocate to wherever she is. The kids have had a lot of experience with that. It wasn't a big shock to them."

One of Hollywood's most enduring couples, Keith and Nicole recently marked their 14th wedding anniversary together – with two slightly different dedications.
Nicole kept her message short and sweet, sharing a candid black and white picture of herself and Keith sharing a private moment together in an embrace during a recent awards show.
"Us ❤️ #HappyAnniversary," Nicole captioned the simple but striking image.
Heart-melting. (Instagram)
Keith also shared a candid moment of the couple together - except his post included a photo from the couple's private archives.
The sweet picture Keith uploaded shows himself and Nicole in casual clothing, jumping in the air together, on a sandy beach beside the ocean.
"Happy Anniversary Baby!!!!! 14 years.... and i feel like your boyfriend in ALL the right ways!!!!" Keith wrote alongside the image.

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