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Jessica Biel is reportedly "still upset" with Justin Timberlake after that PDA scandal


By Alex Lilly
Celeb fans were left shocked when Justin Timberlake issued a public apology after he was caught flirting up a storm with co-star, Alisha Wainwright.
But it seems like things are still rocky between the 38-year-old NSYNC star and his wife Jessica Biel, 37, after a report emerged that the actress is "still upset" with him- and not just because of those photos.
Speaking to US Weekly, the source close to the couple said: "He has been making big promises and not sticking to them as much as she thinks he can and should."
They added: "He promised that he would be more involved with their family and she doesn't feel like he's doing that."
But despite this awkward revelation, it can't be all bad as another source has revealed: "Jessica and Justin are not in a tense place at all." We're guessing she's not that mad then!
"He has been making big promises and not sticking to them as much as she thinks he can and should." (Image: Instagram @jessicabiel)
Since Justin's grovelling apology when he stated that he "drank way too much that night" and regrets his behaviour, reports suggest that the statement was orchestrated by Jessica.
Despite stating that the couple, who share four-year-old son Silas, were "still united", the original report by US Weekly stated that "Jessica encouraged Justin to put out his statement on Instagram because she felt embarrassed by his actions and wanted him to take accountability."
Another report by PEOPLE stated that Jessica wasn't willing to break up her family over the incident and didn't consider what Justin did as cheating.
"What's most important to her in life is her family and being the best mum to Silas. She'll never break up her family over something like this."
Reports surfaced that Jessica was the one behind Justin's public apology. (Getty)
Despite the dramas, it seems like the couple are working hard to mend their relationship.
In photos obtained by The Sun, who coincidentally also captured the snaps of Justin getting rather touchy-feely with Alisha, the two were spotted on a dinner date in Los Angeles in early January and an onlooker told the publication that "it seemed like all was forgiven."
WATCH BELOW: Check out Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's Hollywood home. Post continues after video...
"Justin seemed to be intently focused on conversation with Jessica," the witness told The Sun adding that the former boy band heartthrob was "extra attentive, rubbing her shoulders and leaning in to her."
"There was a couple of times when it seemed the conversation was a bit tense with both looking deep in thought," they added though. "But the two ate off of each other's plates as they engaged in conversation."
"Then they left the hotel arm in arm after what looked to be a fun dinner date."

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