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Nine must-read revenge stories from women who were cheated on

Nine women share their gob smacking cases of love rat betrayal!

By As told to Take 5
These women didn't just get mad, they got even with their cheating exes.
Take 5 looks back at some of our most gob-smacking cases!

Do you want lies with that?

Jill Parish almost spat out her gin and tonic when she met her 73-year-old friend Roy's girlfriend, Natasha, 24.
She was shocked by the age gap, but her husband, Alan, 68, was stunned by Natasha's beauty.
Even Jill had to admit that the McDonald's waitress was a real looker.
But when Natasha and Roy split, Alan began spending more time with the glamorous younger lady.
Waitress Natasha was certainly a looker. (Image: Supplied)
Alan fobbed off Jill's concerns that something was going on between the pair, but she wasn't convinced.
So, when Alan announced he was going swimming, Jill ducked into the garage and hid a recording device under the passenger seat of his car.
Armed with plenty of evidence, including Alan murmuring, "Your body is beautiful!" she confronted her cheating hubby and later threw him out and filed for divorce.
"I deserve a man that won't do the dirty on me," a shattered Jill told Take 5.
Me and Alan. (Image: Supplied)

Tell it like it is

After this woman was cheated on by her partner, she decided against ruining his car or throwing his clothes out on the lawn.
Instead, she turned up to the same baseball game he was at with a bright-pink sign that pointed out exactly where he was and who he was with. In true style, she even had a matching T-shirt.
Like a true champ, she sat in the sun sipping her beer while looking at her phone – hopefully swiping through dating apps, finding a man worthy of her affection.
Revenge is sweet for the lady in pink.Photo credit: Worldation

Poster boy

Kay Taylor, 49, thought she'd found the man of her dreams in Ashley.
He was nine years younger than her and easy on the eye.
They ended up marrying and having two children together.
But Ashley had another side to him: occasionally, he got drunk and lashed out violently at Kay, who found it within herself to forgive him.
Things took a turn for the worse when Kay saw her man flirting with a pregnant teenager at the supermarket check-out.
Her fears were confirmed when a woman called and said that Ashley had fathered her child.
Kay's mum consoled her that Ashley wouldn't do something so sordid, and he denied it, so the couple continued their relationship.
As Christmas rolled around, Kay got into the festive spirit by presenting Ashley with a reindeer-themed G-string with matching antlers.
A classic larrikin, Ashley put them on and let Kay snap some cheeky photos.
Kay Taylor, 49, thought she'd found the man of her dreams in Ashley. (Image: Supplied)
It was the last of the laughs between the couple, whose relationship came under significant strain when Ashley started working night shifts at the supermarket.
An enormous phone bill led Kay to discover that he'd been calling other women – one of whom was the check-out chick she'd seen him chatting with.
It was the same woman who'd contacted Kay two years earlier to say they'd had an affair and she'd even had his baby at 19.
Suddenly, a furious Kay had a genius idea.
She made posters of Ashley wearing his Christmas G-string and plastered them around town.
"Ash had always thought of himself as a good-looking guy with a knack for making women fall at his feet," Kay recalled. "But as I handed a poster to a young woman, she didn't swoon. She took in the antlers and the G-string and started to laugh!"
Kay took Ashley to court over the earlier assault that saw him lash out at her.
"I'm glad I got my saucy revenge," she told Take 5. "Now I can start to put Ashley Taylor firmly behind me and get on with my life."
Ashley in his Christmas G-string and antlers. (Image: Supplied)

Chewing the fat

At size 24, Amy Woodall was determined to get her weight under control.
After having a gastric bypass, her relationship with Jack developed and she later fell pregnant.
"When our daughter Neveah was born we were both besotted with her," Amy recalled to Take 5.
"But over time, Jack became distant. I couldn't help wondering if my new body had anything to do with it. After losing 70kg, I felt proud of my achievement. But I had gained some unsightly folds of saggy skin which made me feel unattractive."
Me, before. (Image: Supplied)
After checking Jack's phone, Amy found incriminating messages between him and another woman.
Although she gave him a second chance, it was impossible for her to trust Jack completely and she urged him to take a lie-detector test.
During the test, Jack confessed to sleeping with someone else when they first got together.
The couple split and Jack moved straight in with another woman who was thinner than Amy, giving her the inspiration to continue losing weight.
We were both besotted with our baby, Neveah. (Image: Supplied)
Amy eventually got down to a slender size 12.
Jack couldn't keep his eyes off her, but she knew better than to give him another chance.
"That lie detector proved that Jack was a cheat. I ditched that useless lump and now he's begging to come back," Amy said.
"I've had the ultimate revenge."
I was so glad that I managed to lose 70kgs. (Image: Supplied)

A sticky situation

When Tracy Hood-Davis, from Wisconsin, discovered her husband, Donessa Davis, was cheating on her with five other women on rotation, she was livid and decided she'd have the last laugh.
Tracy contacted three of her husband's lovers, who were completely unaware that Donessa was married.
Together, they came up with a sordid plan. One of them, Therese Ziemann, lured Donessa over to a motel with the promise of a kinky blindfolded massage.
Donessa was too excited to notice the other three women in the room. Once he was tied down, the women removed his blindfold, confronting him about his indiscretions.
To stop him from misleading any women again, they super-glued his penis to his stomach. Then, they left with his wallet and car.
The women were charged with false imprisonment, and Therese was also charged with sexual assault and battery. They all avoided jail and instead got probation.
Michelle Belliveau (top left), Tracy Hood-Davis (top right), Wendy Sewell (bottom left) and Therese Ziemann (bottom right). (Image: Supplied)

Three's a crowd

Amber Anscombe was only 16 when she met Tom, but as the years went by, she was sure he was the one for her.
Later, when she made friends with Sophie, Tom gave his approval.
"She's a top chick," he nodded.
One night, Amber got a shock when she saw Sophie and Tom going at it like rabbits!
Tom later tried to deny it, before claiming it was a drunken mistake.
Spotting Sophie at the local pub, Amber saw red and could no longer contain herself, unleashing her anger in a verbal tirade.
I felt sure Tom was the one for me, but he had other ideas. (Image: Supplied)
"She stared at me, mortified, as people swivelled in their seats to see what all the commotion was about," Amber told Take 5.
Amber will never forgive the man she loved, or the woman she believed was her best friend.
"I felt proud – I'd got my revenge by humiliating Sophie and rejecting Tom's pathetic attempts to win me back," she said.
Sophie, 19, later admitted to Take 5 that: "I think it happened because of alcohol and because I didn't really care at the time."
Tom, 20, told us: "I've learnt from it because I got caught. I don't think Amber knows this, but Sophie wasn't the first girl, she was the second."
Tom didn't seem to mind Sophie tagging along. (Image: Supplied)

Tat'll teach ya

At the height of her pregnancy, Joanne Taylor felt like a beached whale.
Luckily, her best friend of 10 years, Emma, was there for support.
After Joanne gave birth to baby Maddison, her partner, Jay, got his daughter's name tattooed across his chest.
Me and Jay in happier times. (Image: Supplied)
But Joanne's joy at becoming a mother was taken from her when Emma made a shock confession.
"I'm going to tell you something that you are not going to like," Emma began. "I'm an absolute cow, I hate myself."
Emma admitted that she and Jay were in love and planned on being together.
Distraught that she'd lost her man and bestie, Joanne went off to register her newborn. Then, she had an idea…
The name Maddison had never really felt right to Joanne, so she named their daughter Ava Jo instead.
Jay got his chest tattooed with our little girl's name. (Image: Supplied)
Jay was furious at this act of revenge.
"What have you done?" he shouted. "I've got Maddison tattooed across my chest!"
But Joanne was far from angry.
"For the first time since he'd broken my heart, I smiled," she said.

Rudloph the red nosed cheater

Neil Broadbent is a father-of-one who'd just proposed to his long-term partner, Alex, when he found out that she'd been having a steamy affair online.
Instead of breaking it off quickly, Neil, 44, came up with a plan to humiliate her.
Before Alex came home, he decorated their bedroom, throwing petals, chocolate and ribbons on the bed.
When she arrived, he presented her with a love letter. He tells her they're going on a trip to the northern lights in Scandinavia.
Alex sits down on the bed, emotionally moved by Neil's loving gesture.
Alex opens her card, while Neil videos the whole thing. Credit: Youtube
But at the end of the note, it asks her to put on some reindeer antlers. He hands her a heart-shaped card and asks her to read it out loud.
The question I need to ask you is who the f--k is Thomas Rue?
Alex looks at Neil, stunned that he knows the name of her lusty online lover. With that, Neil leaves and posts the video on YouTube.
It went viral with more than 10 million views. If you want to watch the 18 minute video, you can check it out here.
Although he got a lot of support, his ex and even Thomas Rue were messaging him abuse.
In response, Neil challenged Thomas to a boxing match, with all of the proceeds going to charity, but Thomas never showed up.
Despite this, Neil raised over $50,000 for the victims of the English floods.

Trapped and zapped

Mandie Pistol from Las Vegas was furious when she discovered her boyfriend had been cheating on her.
One night, she heard he was hanging out with his side chick, so she decided to pay him a visit and film it for YouTube.
Sitting in the car outside his house, she tells the camera: "He doesn't know that I found out he's been cheating on me for quite some time now. What he doesn't seem to remember is that he got me this taser for Christmas."
Mandie proceeds to storm into her boyfriend's house and finds him relaxing on the couch with another girl under his arm.
"Who the f--k is she?" she screams.
"That's not my girl!" her boyfriend protests, awkwardly.
But Mandie doesn't believe him and zaps him in the groin with her pink taser.
While some social media users believe this video is fake, Mandie received many supportive messages for her unconventional actions.

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