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EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez's argument with her co-star on World of Dance

Derek Hough: ''I've fought with JLo!''

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He's clocked up an impressive 17 seasons on Dancing with the Stars, but it's Derek Hough's time as a judge on World of Dance that he's most proud of.
"I'm just trying to help and inspire or motivate or encourage the dancers to continue to get better, but also to praise them," the 33-year-old tells.
"I love it, it's so much fun. And, of course, sitting next to [fellow judge] Jennifer [Lopez], I feel very lucky – it's not too shabby. She is just incredible."
Here, Derek chats dance-offs, disagreements and what makes World of Dance different…
Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough star in World of Dance together. (Soruce: Getty Images)
She is the one who recruited me to be a part of the show, personally, so there's a lot of respect there.
We've had our moments, we've had a few little disagreements over certain things, but really it's just great.
And even now in the third season, we're so much more relaxed and playful. When the cameras aren't rolling, we have these super-in-depth conversations about life, it's nice.
And you get to work with Jenna Dewan as well? Lucky!
She's the most incredible woman. She has the most amazing energy, so positive, she's filled with just so much beauty.
The World of Dance cast. (Source: Getty Images)
What has brought you back for a third season of the show?
Just having a front-row seat to the most incredible dancing I've ever seen. It's been such a joy. I love every minute of it.
What sets World of Dance apart from other dance competition shows?
I think the big difference, take for instance So You Think You Can Dance, you have an amateur dancer come on doing hip-hop and then they're challenged to do ballroom or say a ballet dance.
Whereas, World of Dance, we want them to be at their absolute best, there's no sort of gimmicks – if this is your style, we want you to be who you are and be the best you can be.
And that's why you get this level of dancing that you haven't seen before, it's extraordinary. World of Dance came out at the right time to really elevate and just sort of raise the standard of what you see on TV, and I think it's a beautiful thing.
You're back on DWTS and you have to decide between JLo or Jenna as your dance partner. Who do you choose?
Oh goodness, I can't do that to my girls! [Laughs] I think for the sake of keeping my job I'm going to say JLo. Also, she's got that 90 million social media following, which would be great [laughs].

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