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Jenna Dewan Tatum swears she’ll never become THIS type of parent…

This is one thing she won’t force her daughter to do.

By Zoe Burrell
Dancing is big in Jenna Dewan Tatum's household. After all, she did meet her hunky hubby Channing Tatum on the set of dance movie Step Up back in 2006.
And now the couple’s daughter Everly, three, is following in her famous mum and dad’s footsteps.
Yep, as Jenna explains, her little girl LOVES dancing!
"Our daughter likes to dance… We have the music on and spontaneous dance parties a lot," Jenna tells NBC's, Today Show.
So cute.

But while Jenna’s thrilled little Evie’s got a passion for dancing, she’s sworn that she will never become a dance mum. Well, at least try not to…
"At first she was like, "I don't wanna do [ballet]" Jenna reveals. “I was very conscious not to be that dance mom, I'm not going to push."
"And then she said one day, 'I wanna go" and I was like throwing the tights and the leotard into a bag and saying, 'Go,go,go!’"

"All the moms are trying to talk to me [at recitals] and I'm like, 'Ssh! Filming!' I'm like that mum in dance class, it was so cute!” she continues.
But it’s not just ballet that Everly is a natural at. According to Jenna, 36, she’s also picked up on Chan’s risqué Magic Mike moves!
“There’s been a couple times where she’s been like, ‘I’m dancing like… Daddy!’” she dishes, miming some hilarious thrusting motions.
Wait, what?!

Aside from possibly becoming a dance mum, Jenna has just taken on a new role as mentor/host of NBC reality TV competition, World of Dance, and says she can relate to the young dancers on the show.
"I was a competition kid, I was travelling all around the country doing all that - not for a million dollars and not on NBC every week - but still I know what they're going through so it was fun to do,” she says.

Hmm, we wonder if little Everly will show off her new ballet moves on the show? Watch this space!

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