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EXCLUSIVE: Hamish and Andy have just out-bromanced even themselves

If you thought they’re off doing their own thing, you’d be sorely mistaken.

By Anita Lyons
They've been the ultimate comedy duo since time began (circa 2006), but Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have had a little time apart from one another to work on other projects.
While they've still got their incredibly funny podcast, lately the pair have been off doing their own thing, with Andy plugging all of his awesome freebies on Instagram (and Channel 9's Talkin' Bout Your Generation) and Hamish about to star in and host Channel 9's new show Lego Masters.
But during an exclusive chat with Now to Love at the Sydney launch of his new show, Hamish revealed that the pair are not as separate as we might realise.
In fact, the loveable duo are still living out the ultimate bromance.
"As a general rule, the general philosophy is, if we've got time and space to do other things that interest us, it's a big 'go for it'," he said.
"But in all honesty, I actually haven't spent any time away from him," he added.
"Because at the moment, we're getting ready to go on our travel show, so we're spending like two or three days together and we've just started doing spin class together to get fit."
Spin class. Hamish and Andy at spin class. This is peak LOVE if we ever heard it!
The pair's new show, Perfect Holiday will see them travel through North America, Mexico and Canada and is set to start filming in the next few months – but before then, Hamish is enjoying spending time with wife Zoe Foster Blake and their two ADORABLE children, Sonny, four, and Rudy, one and a half.
And when asked about his parenting style with his two kids, he said: "Classic with a note of jazz…" Oh, Hamish, you card!
"Sonny, is such a funny kid," Hamish said adoringly, and then added, "And Rudy is just a beautiful little girl."
Hamish, Sonny, Rudy and Zoe are family goals! (Source: Instagram/@zotheysay)
Now that Hamish is living the dream with a gorgeous family and some serious TV cred and popularity, does he see a proposal down the line for Andy and long-time girlfriend Rebecca Harding?
"Jeez, I'm the last person to ask," he said. "I really think you'd have to ask him! Maybe you should come to the spin class and get him at a low point!"
Lego Masters is coming soon to Channel .