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Georgia Love reveals what helped her mental health after losing her mum

The former Bachelorette has revealed how her fitness routine helped her after the death of her mum.

By Alex Lilly
Georgia Love: top journalist, Instagram queen and lover of brunch. While it may seem like she has it all, the former Bachelorette has opened up about the difficult period of her life following the show's finale in 2016 when her mother tragically passed away from pancreatic cancer.
Speaking to Mamamia, Georgia says that after her mum died and The Bachelorette had wrapped, she had a lot of scrutiny from the media and public.
"I wasn't working full time which got me down and I was upset about that, at the same time adjusting to this strange new life… I really wasn't in a good place mentally."
"That's because so much happened and changed in my life, all in one go. I'll never know whether it was the comedown and the pressure post-show, losing my mum, moving interstate, being unemployed… I'll never know which one of those things hurt me more than the other because I had them all at once. Any one of those things would really mess with someone's head, and I had them all. I was in a pretty bad place for a while."
Just hours after The Bachelorette finale aired, Georgia had to say goodbye to her mum, Belinda.
While she had the support of her family, friends and boyfriend, Lee Elliot, whom she met and fell in love with on The Bachelorette, Georgia admits that she needed to clear her head and found that one thing that helped was exercise.
"I wasn't working a regular job or hours then, so having a routine and getting up at the same time everyday, whether it was going to F45 or Pilates, just doing something and having a routine was the best thing for my mental health."
"I've changed a lot mentally over the last few years, I put a lot more time into myself. I know that's a bit of a trend at the moment, mindfulness and looking after your head space, but I'm really appreciative the trend came at a time when in my life I felt like I really needed it. It's certainly helped me."
And if you take a look at her Instagram account, you can see how exercise has now become a massive part of her life. The Channel Ten journalist, who is participating in the Run Melbourne marathon to raise money for pancreatic cancer research, says the idea of being a gym bunny was her worst nightmare.
"When people would talk about being fit and going to F45, I used to think, 'that's great for you but it's just not me', but now I'm the one saying, 'no, but really'."
Go Georgia, you're making us want to sign up too!
Georgia's been up in the gym working on her fitness.