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Mel Greig weighs in on the Marni Little and Dan Ewing saga

Flamin' galah! Not even Alf Stewart can make sense of this sticky situation...

By Chloe Lal
Are we living in a world run by Home and Away writers?
After this morning's fiery debacle of Marni Little calling out her ex Dan Ewing as a bully, now radio personality Mel Greig has decided to share her opinion on the matter.
The 34-year-old took to Instagram to share a rather lengthy post on why the soap star's ex-wife was misinformed.
"I can't sit back and watch two people I love get slagged off @_danewing @katristeska ESPECIALLY when I was on the phone to them when they posted the alleged photo and comment," she began in her written defence statement for plaintiff Dan.
"They were laughing at how many travel bloggers were on the beach and the fact that Kat was drinking bourbon (she doesn't drink so it was funny writing Dry July) Dan is the futherest thing from a bully."
Before adding, "Marns you've got this one wrong, I'm sorry but not ok to just jump to such a wrong conclusion. One day Arch [which now reads: your son] will read and understand what's going on and he'll see these things."
Marni responded by asking Mel to remove her son's name from the post.

Mel has since commented on her original post, taking aim at Marni, again.
"I've been blocking your friends and business partner who have been harassing me, I suggest you do the same and just block and ignore."
"People will always have their opinion and that's why I suggested putting a stop to the public slamming of Dan as it's not useful to anyone and results in people wanting to publicly defend their friend or express their thoughts and this ignites trolling www.trollfreeday.com.au"
She then shared this positive note to the mum-of-one, "@marni_little move forward and find happiness this isn't healthy xx."

So how did we get here?
Dan Ewing and Marni Little called it a day at the end of 2016, but it seems those "irreconcilable differences" are still playing a huge part in the former couple's lives.
The Home and Away actor's ex-wife is embarking on Dry July - where you give up drinking for the month, while donating money for charity.
But it appears Dan and his current girlfriend Kat Risteska find the whole thing somewhat amusing, sharing a seemingly innocent selfie of themselves both holding an alcoholic beverage, with the dancing captioning it, "When in Croatia."

It was the 32-year-old's repost of the image, using the hashtags: #KatDontDrinkNone", #dryjuly [which has since been deleted] and #maybenextyear, that set off the mother of his two-year-old son Archer.
His former wife took to her blog, Terribly Unqualified, to share her disappointment in the pair.
"Not only had my blog been ridiculed by my ex-husband, but also my attempt to give up alcohol for July to better myself," she penned.
Marni had no desire to hide behind pleasantries, sharing with her readers: "Today it was BY the Riverboy, from Europe, for no reason at all."

"I was actually really surprised today to receive a message from a friend that not only had my blog been ridiculed by my ex-husband, but also my attempt to give up alcohol for July to better myself and raise money for charity WHHHAAATTTT? Who is this heinous beast?!! Charity? Gross. Better herself? How dare she!"
Before ending, "The best thing about Dry July, you guys? You don't get drunk and write stupid shit on the internet."
Marni took to Instagram to share her blog post, giving her fans and friends this message: "When life gives you lemons, blog about them. Warning: contains serious topics I'm not usually known for. Sorry. More jokes next blog, promise. #bullying."
The mum-of-one was inundated with kind messages including, "You're a wonderful woman," to "This was great!! So honest and raw!!! You go girl!"

Humbled by the support, she confessed: "Thank you all so much for this incredible response."
"A year ago I'd be too scared to go up against a bully like Dan, but it's funny how we grow."
Before concluding, "I'll keep writing if you keep reading and let's all work towards the best version of ourselves. Not for them; for us ❤️❤️❤️"
Marni, who co-parents their little boy Archer with the actor, was very honest about her thoughts on Dan's dig at her.
Dan and Marni called time on their three-year marriage in 2016, and at the time the actor, famous for his role as River Boy hunk Heath Braxton, admitted he'd always love his former flame.
“The marriage broke down but I still love her. I always will. People cast aspersions after a marriage breakdown but the bottom line is it was for the right reasons," he told News Corp.
“Nothing good comes from people bickering or being bitter, and we don’t do that. It’s about being the best parents we can be.”
The couple, who've "vowed to remain friends", co-parent their little man, two-year-old Archer.
Dan and Marni in happier times.

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