My gift is my... very public Instagram post: All the gushing celebrity odes on Valentine's Day

Get ready for some serious soppiness.

By Jess Pullar
Oh Saint Valentine, what have you started?
Unless you've been wearing a pair of very expensive noise-cancelling headphones whilst indulging in the deepest of slumbers, you'll be very well aware that today is Valentine's Day.
Yep, it's hard to ignore the bright red heart-shaped garnishes in every shop window, or the florists literally bursting at the seams with frantic rose-searching partners, and let's not forget the throngs of loved-up couples filling virtually every restaurant in the city.
But there's another rather common place we're seeing Saint Valentine make his mark: social media. And boy is it a roller coaster of sop, cringe and, at times, actually-kinda-cute tributes.
As February 14 rolled around, some of our favourite celebrity couples have taken to Instagram to mark the special day.
As we've come to expect, some of the flowing ode's are a little corny, but some, we must say, are actually pretty clever.
From Larry Emdur's hilarious fruit gaffe to Osher's heartfelt throwback, these celebrity odes are worth the scroll. Take a good old gander below.
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