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Bindi Irwin reveals that she and Chandler Powell are "too busy" to think about getting engaged

The young conservationist has too much on her plate, thank you very much.

By Closer staff
They've been dating for four years now, but Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell are simply too busy to start thinking about getting engaged.
"We're so busy with everything, we haven't had time to think about the pressure," Bindi recently revealed to In Touch. "We're really enjoying the moment, adventuring around the world and having fun. We'll let you know!"
The 19-year-old certainly is plenty busy — she currently works at the Australia Zoo, but also frequently travels the world saving endangered animals just like her late father.
And of course Chandler, 21, is right there with her through it all. "It's wonderful to have found someone who's up for any challenge, from working with crocodiles to making echidna [spiny anteater] food — which is made from squished insects, by the way," she gushed.

The longtime couple really couldn't get any sweeter.
"He's my sunshine everyday," Bindi said to Life & Style.
"Chandler isn't just my boyfriend, but also my best friend. He is always there and ready to help. [We] try to stick together as best as we can. Whenever we travel, we always try to travel together. It's nice knowing you have someone with you who is always on your side." So adorable!

Although her dad never got the chance to meet Chandler, Bindi believes Steve Irwin would have most definitely approved of the former American pro wakeboarder.
"I'm lucky I have found the one, the person I want to spend all my time with," Bindi once said in an interview.
"Mum [Terri Irwin] and Robert and I have talked about that a lot. We all think dad would have loved Chandler. I believe there's always someone for everyone and when you find that one, as we have found each other, it's a real blessing and a privilege."
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