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The truth about Bindi Irwin’s boyfriend Chandler

We have finally learned the sweet story of how these two fell for eachother.

If you’ve ever wondered how Bindi Irwin and her American boyfriend Chandler Powell, you’re about to learn it all right now.

The Wildlife Warrior has been dating the wakeboarder for 18 months and now Chandler’s grandfather has spilled all on how their relationship blossomed.

John DiCenzo, 73, told Woman’s Day he was obsessed with the Irwins and the late Steve in particular, well before he was ever introduced to the family.

DiCenzo revealed Chandler met Bindi when he and his parents made a visit to Australia Zoo in 2014.

He told Woman’s Day: “When the two of them met he was obviously awfully impressed,enough that he wrote a letter to the zoo and said ‘would it be all right if I wrote to her?’

“They both really bonded because they both travel so much, and they talked about how to combine the travelling with school, something they’re both very used to.

“Bindi likes writing letters just like Chandler – I guess that’s old-fashioned with email and things these days. I think they talk every day they can. They use Skype, too.”

DiCenzo adds that as a kid, Chandler loved watching Steve on TV.

“It’s why people who know him – know his love of animals – just had their minds blown when they saw photos of him with Bindi when they got together,” he said.

With Chandler studying at the University of Central Florida, and Bindi here in Australia, the sweethearts are going strong in their long distance relationship.

However, a move to Australia may be on the cards.

“I’m sure working at Australia Zoo would be his dream job. It’s one of those coincidences that’s like, wow, you’d never have thought it,” DiCenzo said.

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