Winter skin woes? Try these 5 super simple hydration hacks

Rehydrate skin, seal in moisture and improve circulation this winter.
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Winter doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with baring your skin, so it is understandable if sometimes we let the post-shower skincare slide.

When all you want to do is rug up, hide under sweats (they’re stylish now, right?) and sit in front of an open fire, is it really necessary to maintain a skincare routine for your body?

Pharmacist Pascale Gal, founder of French skincare brand Les Huilettes, says there are no off-months if you want to keep your skin in peak condition. We asked Gal how to stay motivated through the cold months ahead.

Hydration, exfoliation, diet, exercise and suncream are all part of a well-rounded skincare routine.

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What are your BEST tips to keep the skin in top shape throughout winter?

Take care of it all year round – not just through the winter. I recommend a 360-degree approach – apply targeted treatments specific to your skin’s needs (during the winter months, focus on combating dryness because the skin is damaged by the cold), prioritise a healthy diet that’s adapted to the season, and regular physical exercise.

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What key steps should we be adding to our shower routines?

Dry body brushing in the morning before showering. It’s important to use sweeping, upward movements towards the heart to activate the lymph and micro-circulation. This will leave your skin smooth and tingling, and it only takes two minutes every two days to feel the benefits.

Weekly exfoliation is also key. Try using a salt or sugar-based scrub on dry skin for a beautiful, detoxifying and toning ritual. Cleared of dead cells, the skin will be ready to receive all the active ingredients from your favourite body oil or rich cream, increasing its effectiveness and results.

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What is the best way to boost circulation in the skin?

Daily physical exercise is the best way to activate lymphatic and blood circulation. Vary according to your mood or preference (aqua, bike, surfing, jogging, walking, yoga). There are no rules!

The yoga posture “the candle” is ideal to relieve the legs (hold the posture five to 10 minutes), and the best would be walking in the sea for a guaranteed thalassotherapy effect. Couple exercise and care rituals with food supplements to boost circulation.

The candle yoga boost can help boost circulation.

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What are the best ingredients for minimising stretch marks and cellulite?

You need to maintain your skin’s elasticity to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Nourish the skin daily with vegetable oils rich in omega 9, such as avocado oil. These oils boosts collagen production and work to prevent the breakage of the skin’s elastic fibres.

To reduce cellulite, regular self-massage is ideal to activate circulation. Use stimulating and draining EO-enriched oils – pistachio mastic, grapefruit or cypress.

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What are your essential ingredients for the body?

Move, exfoliate and deeply nourish the skin for suppleness and radiance on a daily basis. Omega-rich oils are a beautiful ingredient for skin health.

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Oils or creams: is one better suited for the skin or is it a matter of personal reference?

Technically, vegetable oils deeply nourish and prevent dehydration. With daily application, sagging skin and the appearance of stretch marks can be prevented in the long term. Find the right oil (more or less dry) according to your skin type (normal/dry/very dry). Creams are said to be moisturising because they are mostly made of water.

They bring comfort to the application. Cream or oil, it’s a question of preference and the state of the skin.

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Any expert tips on locking in moisture?

Apply your body cream or oil to damp skin after showering to make it easier to apply and massage in.

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