We tried the $7 mascara the internet is obsessed with

Did it pass the test or was it one big, smudgy let down?

The internet is going wild for a mascara that delivers “amazing” results and costs less than smashed avo on sourdough. So, naturally, we had to give it whirl.

We know the struggle is real when it comes to finding ‘the one‘ – the best mascara that transforms stumpy little eye hairs into irresistibly thick, dramatic lashes that in one blink would make a camel jealous. And with so many mascaras all promising similar things, where does one even begin? Perhaps let’s start with what a good mascara is expected to do:

  • Give your eyelashes volume. They should look thicker and fuller.

  • Give your lashes length.

  • Wear well all day long. That means no smudging, clumping or drooping, thank you.

  • Apply evenly. The mascara wand is as equally responsible for this as the formula is.

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Now we know what we want from a good mascara, let’s talk about that “amazing” product we mentioned earlier…

Recently users on popular forum Reddit brought our attention to a $7 mascara that has earned itself a cult following among the makeup-obsessed-set online. Forum user EllieDaisyLouise, from England, posted a picture celebrating her purchase of Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara. The picture showed her eyes – one with sweepingly gorgeous lashes and the other, sans mascara. Comments flooded the post doubting the legitimacy of the shot and claiming some sort of false lash trickery. No one could believe that a mascara she picked up from a pharmacy could create such dramatic lashes.

And it seems EllieDaisyLouise couldn’t either: “Can’t believe this mascara was only £3.30! Sorry for the shocking picture quality, but this is the Essence Lash Princess mascara and I highly recommend it,” she wrote.

A Reddit user took to the forum to show the dramatic results of mascara from beauty brand Essence.

Inspired by the post, a second Reddit user shared her experience with the very same mascara.

“Can now confirm that the Essence Lash Princess mascara that was posted about a day ago is in fact amazing (so thank you to EllieDaisyLouise). I bought it, tried it, and highly approve of it. Well worth the $4!” she posted alongside a picture of her own before and after eyelash shot.

One user commented: “Wow, that looks like exactly what I’m looking for! Looks so good on you.”

While another wrote, “Alright this is the second time I’ve seen lashes this dramatic from that mascara and I’m officially on board.”

A second Reddit user demonstrated her results to forum posters who were doubtful of the legitimacy of the mascara.

Our thoughts?

Like many online we were skeptical of the power of a mascara that retails at just $6.75, but as soon as we swept the wand across our lashes we decided the product’s quality is definitely not reflective of its price tag.

Three at Now To Love trialled Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara and all three agreed that it was an impressive, everyday mascara. It applied evenly, with hardly any clumping and lasted well throughout the day.

Those trying the product with short lashes were impressed by how much longer their lashes looked and were pleased by how they held their curl. While, the NTL member who has naturally long lashes exclaimed: “I feel like I have falsies on!”

There were a couple of minor downsides we experienced. The mascara isn’t ideal for layering lots and lots of product on -when applying, stick to four strokes to avoid clumping. And don’t bother trying to reapply the mascara long after its first application (for instance, if you’re going out after work), the eyelashes will be too stiff to take on anymore product. Lastly, the mascara was difficult to remove from the lower lash line, it left a bit of residue even when using makeup remover.

Our final thoughts? Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara is a great, fool-proof mascara for use during the day. And at $6.75, you can’t really go wrong!

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