The most stunning beauty looks from the Oscars 2019 red carpet

Charlize Theron just debuted a completely new look - and we're here for it!
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While there might be an actual election coming up soon, the only vote we care about right now is the one that happens today at the 2019 Academy Awards.

The Oscars are the highly anticipated final stop on Hollywood’s award season journey – and, let’s face it, the awards that everyone is waiting for.

Everyone else might be here to see which movie wins Best Picture or which actress wears the most outrageous dress, but we’re hanging out for all those close up photos of our favourite celebrities and their incredible beauty looks.

These stunners have spent all day in hair and makeup, getting every single body part polished and preened to perfection – all to ensure they look absolutely flawless on the red carpet.

Emilia Clarke, Helen Mirren and Tina Fey on the red carpet. (Image: Getty)

This year we can expect red carpet appearances from some of our favourite actresses, including Lady Gaga, Olivia Coleman and Emma Stone.

Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Glenn Close and Melissa McCarthy will also pose for the media wall, as will Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Steve Carell.

Aussie stars Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie unfortunately missed out on nominations in 2019, as did our favourite trendy teen, Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet.

But not to worry, because there are still plenty of beauty looks to keep us occupied.

Get your credit card ready and your Sephora homepage bookmarked. It’s time for some beauty shopping!

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Charlize Theron

Loving the new look! (Image: Getty)

Books appointment with hairdresser immediately. (Image: Getty)

Charlize Theron has been a blonde for decades, but just debuted a stunning new dark brown bob on the Oscars red carpet.

She’s rumoured to be dating Brad Pitt at the moment – could this be a case of new man, new ‘do?

But unfortunately we’re not going to get a shot of the new couple on the red carpet today.

Charlize brought her Mum along as her date – cute!

Watch Charlize Theron and her mother on the red carpet below

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Lady Gaga

Gaga is channelling blonde Breakfast At Tiffany’s vibes here. (Image: Getty)

This is Lady Gaga’s Cinderella moment and the final stop on her long awards show season tour for her incredible performance in A Star Is Born.

She’s nominated tonight for Best Actress.

Gaga has well and truly brought out the stops tonight with her jewellery, so she’s kept her makeup simple with flawless golden skin and a light dusting of shimmery eyeshadow on the lids.

Watch Lady Gaga slay on the red carpet below

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Jennifer Lopez

Stunning! (Image: Getty)

Oh, if we only we could look like this at 49! (Image: Getty)

Contouring is supposedly not a trend anymore, but J.Lo doesn’t give a toss about that!

She stuck to her classic glam look today, with a bronzey smokey eye, a some killer bronzed cheeks and a nude lip.

Can you believe she is 49?! Just shows what years of dancing on stage for a living and not drinking alcohol does for the skin!

Marie Kondo

(Image: Getty)

The Queen of decluttering and the star of Netflix’s hit show Tidying Up, Marie Kondo, made a surprise appearance on the Oscars red carpet today – and we’re here for it!

The stunning 34-year-old kept her look simple, with clean skin and a hint of blush on the cheeks. Seriously, how incredible is her skin?

The minimalist approach Kondo applies to homes is also apparent in her beauty philosophy. Less is more, she says.

“My approach to beauty is more focused on the condition of my skin and body, so that could be interpreted as a simple and minimalistic [approach],” Kondo told Allure.

And the secret to her flawless skin? Not wearing foundation!

“Unless I’m appearing in public or before an audience, I never wear foundation. The simple answer is, not to boast, I don’t really need it,” she said.

“I used to wear foundation every day, but I realised the more I used it, the weaker my skin was getting.

“One day I tried to be brave and go without foundation. And it took about a week or so, but the condition of my skin improved so much.

“But I do wear things like sunscreen every day, and I’ve had this hairstyle ever since I was a little girl.”

Sounds like we need to try her skincare trick!

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Emilia Clarke

Time to bust out the pink lippy! (Image: Getty)

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is famous for her blonde hair – both on her character Daenerys Targaryen and in real life.

But Emilia just changed her platinum locks back to their brunette roots in time for the Oscars.

“Blondes have more fun eh?! Well I will see about this fine #oscar2019 evening….. let the good times roll,” a newly brunette Clarke wrote in an Instagram post today.

She looked like a beautiful English rose on the red carpet today, with subtle black winged eyeliner, pink blush on the cheeks and a bold bright pink lip.

Tina Fey

When you match your eyeliner to your dress. (Image: Getty)

Tina’s full look. (Image: Getty)

Tina Fey is rocking the age-old beauty trick of matching your eye makeup to your dress – and we love it!

It’s a super simple way to shake up your look and steer clear or the nudes, browns and bronzes most of us always fall back on.

She’s wearing a bright blue eyeliner on her upper and lower lash lines, which brings out the beautiful blue hue of her dress. Stunning!

Helen Mirren

She looks incredible! (Image: Getty)

Helen Mirren is proving a massive set a of full, fake eyelashes are not just for those young girls on Instagram!

She’s amped up her makeup look with a huge set of false lashes and they look amazing!

Her bold pink lipstick matches her pink dress perfectly. Obsessed with this look!

Proving you can be 73 years old and still rock a modern, fresh makeup look on the red carpet.

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