Virtual brow appointments are now here to save you from your self-isolation grooming woes

Help is finally here!
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Self-isolation has made everyday life tricky, to say the least.

There are many things we’ve had to change – date nights out at fancy bars, socialising with friends over coffee, Pilates classes, dropping the kids at day care – and the list goes on.

But, some sacrifices are harder to adjust to, like missing out on our regular beauty appointments.

While we’ve managed to find ways around exercise and socialising, trying to maintain our brows at home has proved troublesome.

Before you grab your tweezers and undo all your brow technician’s hard work, one salon is offering a solution: virtual beauty appointments.

Praise be!

Keeping your brows well-groomed takes hard work and expertise.

(Image: Amy Jean Brow Agency)

The brilliant team at Amy Jean Brow Agency are now offering virtual appointments, with the “artistic team here to hold your hand and ensure your brows survive these uncertain times.”

Honestly, this sounds like the support we need in all aspects of our lives right now.

The 30-minute appointments will talk you through:

  • Realistic assessment of your brow goals with a recommended timeline

  • How to best utilize your tools on hand

  • How to tint or lighten your brows

  • Shape suitability and how to design and tweeze your brows

  • How to dress your brows in the most suitable products

  • Express brow makeover tips before you jump on that corporate conference call

  • Or just a big brow hug and catch up with your long-lost AJ artist

You can find more information here.

If you’re struggling to maintain the rest of your beauty routine you can also peep our guide to making it through isolation from your hair to your lash extensions.

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