Dannii Minogue told us her secret weapon beauty product for looking as young as she does and it’s a miracle-worker for ageing skin

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Dannii Minogue is about to turn 50.

We know it’s hard to believe just by looking at the TV star and fashion designer, but it’s true.

With a complexion youthful enough to rival that of someone two decades her junior, we grilled the Masked Singer judge over her skincare secrets – naturally.

Unsurprisingly, Dannii puts it down to a holistic approach and one miracle-working product.

“It’s a combination of everything you do, for me at the moment it’s sleep,” she tells Now To Love exclusively.

“If I’m working UK hours with Skype calls at night and I’ve got the school run in the morning, to me that is the most valuable thing.”

Dannii looks years younger than her age.


The beauty benefit of a good eight hours isn’t ground-breaking information, but it should be adhered to nonetheless.

As for the days we don’t get the desired number of Z’s, Dannii has a secret weapon, and luckily it’s one we can easily turn to.

“I’ve got this amazing… It’s like mattifying but it’s not powder,” Dannii explains. “It’s by an American makeup artist called Mally and she actually did a collaborative line with Ru Paul.”

Translation: you know it’s going to have the staying power you need to get you through the day.

“For anyone my age, when you put on more and more powder it’s ageing, it gets trapped in the wrinkles.

“You pat it on rather than wiping it across your face and it mattifies. It does this amazing thing were it fills pores, evens out and has a blurring effect. “

This is one beauty recommendation you’re going to want to pay attention to.

(Amazon AU)

You can bet that’s her Mally compact in hand while filming The Masked Singer.


The magical beauty product Dannii is singing the praises of is the Mally Evercolor poreless face defender, and is only available here via Amazon’s Australian site (praise be!).

Not only can it be used as a setting “powder” it also doubles as a primer.

If you’re looking for an Aussie based dupe the next best thing is e.l.f’s Poreless putty primer, however this is solely to be used as a primer and not for setting your makeup.

You can shop it for just $16 – essentially pocket change – here.

There was one more beauty secret Dannii credited for her youthful appearance, and it’s one we should all adopt.

“That and hand cream – will keep you looking young!”

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