These big name celebrities suffer from eczema, just like us!

Even the beautiful, rich and famous can't avoid the skin condition that to this day has no cure.

When you think of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, private jets, summer sojourns on yachts and life-long butler service come to mind. It’s hard to believe A-listers deal with Avergae Joe things like buying toothpaste or Googling ‘ways to treat eczema‘. But, let us tell you, they do! Some even borrow skin creams from their co-stars to treat their itchy, red skin (we’re talking about you, Brad!).

So, if you’re a fellow sufferer of the incurable skin condition, take heart that so too are these superstars.


Hello? How are you? Sore and itchy! Adele admits she’s an eczema sufferer.

Immediatly after the superstar singer accepted a Golden Globe for her Best Original son for Bond film Skyfall, she was whisked away to a press conference room to discuss her win.

Adele has a reputation for being honest and down-to-earth, so it’s no surprise that while speaking to the press, she outed herself as an eczema sufferer.

“I am exhausted,” she told reporters. “That’s how [motherhood] changed me. I have eczema from boiling bottles.”

Better Health Victoria explains that heat can trigger the onset of eczema in those who suffer from it, which would explain why the Someone Like You singer had the itchy skin condition on her hands.

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Kate Middleton

Yes, the Duchess Of Cambridge has eczema. The royal is rarely seen with a hair out of place, but in the past the 37-year-old explained that as a teenager she suffered from red, flaky skin. And not only did she have a battle with her irritated skin, she was bullied by other girls at her boarding school for her not-so-perfect skin.

The young royal was bullied at boarding school because of her red, flaky skin.

Nicole Kidman

It’s Nicole’s very own big, little lie! The actress is known for her iridescent skin, but she also suffers from eczema.

Nicole has one of the most enviable complexions in Hollywood, but like a lot of people with fair skin she is susceptible to allergies and sensitivity. Eczema can leave sufferers’ skin red, cracked and even bleeding so when she was spotted on a night out in London with raw-red hands, it was confirmation that also battles with the incurable skin condition.

Nicole was snapped leaving trendy restaurant Zuma in London withe blotchy, eczema-covered hands.

Brad Pitt

He may be a Hollywood heart-throb but even hotties get eczema. Supposedly, when the actor filmed The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, the prosthetic makeup he wore for the role aggravated his skin and he broke out with eczema.

Brad’s co-star Cate Blanchett told Scotland’s Daily Record at she loaned Brad some skin cream to treat his skin.

“We went through three weeks of makeup tests and he was covered in eczema from it all,” she said.

“So I had this girlie conversation with him and put these skin creams down, lined them up in front of him and he and Angelina went around the table trying them.”

The prosthetic makeup used on Brad during filming caused him to break out in an eczema rash all over his body.

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