Celebrities who swear by sunscreen

These famous faces like to slip slop and slap.
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Here in Australia, it’s drilled into us from an early age how important sunscreen is.

Not only can regular application help to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature ageing, but it’s also super affordable and readily available in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Georgie Gardner and Brooke Shields have opened up about the importance of sunscreen after their own personal skin issues and they’re not the only ones.

Meet these A-lister ladies who make SPF a number one part of their beauty routine and place high importance on sun safety.

Nicole Kidman

Growing up in Australia taught Nicole how to slip slop and slap. (Image: Getty Images)

Porcelain-skinned beauty Nicole Kidman started her love affair with sunscreen when she was young as she didn’t want to get freckles. But then she started researching the facts.

“I’m outside a lot and love exercising outdoors, but I don’t like the sun on my skin because it’s very fair,” the Oscar winner told Allure in 2017.

“My parents have also had skin cancer, so I have to be really, really careful — I use the SPF 100. I know it sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. I use it on my kids. I use it on myself. I’ve always had to do that.”

Jennifer Garner

The American sweetheart is passing on the importance of sunscreen to her kids. (Image: Getty Images)

Speaking to Hello Giggles in 2018, the star of Love, Simon says sunscreen is the number one beauty she recommends to her friends and encourages her children to do the same.

“I tell my friends, ‘Start your day with it. Don’t waste any time. You have to do it whether it’s overcast like it is today in L.A. or sunny. It’s just gotta be part of your routine.’ I’ll see my friends in hats or trying to stand in the shade, and I think, ‘All of that is great, but you also need to use SPF every day. The sun is too strong.'”

The mum-of-three says it has get helped to heal her sun damage and sunspots, but wishes she’d worn it consistently from a young age.

“I feel like it’s helping my skin stay as young as, you know, as young as it can. I still go outside. I’m definitely not someone who’s scared of the sun, but I’m just responsible about it.”

Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore knows how to stay sun safe. (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)

The Project host may be based in Melbourne where it’s a little bit cooler in winter, but Carrie says she routinely uses a SunSense anti-aging face lotion and an SPF30+ lip balm.

“I’ve learnt that sun protection is necessary even in the cooler months as apparently up to 80 percent of UV radiation can filter through light cloud, so I’ve become a stickler for a daily solution and this really suits my skin,” she told PopSugar.

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Cindy Crawford

The 90s supermodel gave us an insight into her beauty routine in 2018 when she opened up to W Magazine about her biggest beauty secrets.

And the best piece of advice she’s ever heard from a dermatologist? Wear sunscreen of course!

As for her SPF of choice, Cindy says, “Meaningful Beauty for every day, Clarins for the beach and Rene Furterer Solaire for hair.”

Lisa Wilkinson

(Image: Instagram @lisa_wilkinson)

The Sunday Project host says she’s avoided the sun for many years and told Yours in 2017 that she’s been using moisturiser since she was 16.

“It’s said there’s no moisturiser in the world that can save you from wrinkles if you spend time in the sun,” she revealed.

“It’ll age you quicker than anything else. For some reason it hit home and I’ve always stayed out of the sun or worn hats and strong sunscreen. I’m lucky I still have fairly good skin.”

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Rosie Huntington-Whitely

When she’s outside, this model wears SPF, hat and sunnies. (Image: Instagram @rosiehw)

Rosie, who’s modelled for Victoria’s Secret and is now a mum of one told W Magazine that for her, “good skin starts with a great skincare routine, having a facial as often as needed and staying out of the sun.”

“I’m English, so I love to get some sun and love a bit of tanned skin, but I can see it now the older the get after I come back from holiday, I can see the effects it has on my skin and it’s not so good after the tan fades,” the English rose says.

“So just choosing those times really carefully when you do want to be exposed to the sun, and making sure you are wearing SPF everyday, and a hat and sunglasses.”

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