Should you blow dry your eyelashes like Love Island’s Tayla Damir?

Have we missed a key beauty hack, or is blow drying your lashes a waste of time and potentially harmful?
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The newest reality TV show offering Love Island, and it’s sexy singles, have given us plenty to think about. From their sex lives, to their tattoos, the young, hot guys and girls are giving us plenty of printer-queue conversation starters to get us through the wait for the copier.

This week though, Love Island has us perplexed by a grooming habit of Tayla Damir’s, who was filmed carefully blow drying her eyelashes in the Spanish villa’s bathroom mirror.

Why are you blow drying your lashes, Tayla?

Those are some lush lashes! Maybe we should be blasting our eyelashes with a blow dryer too?

Tayla’s lashes are so enviously thick and long, and now we’re wondering if we’ve missed a key beauty hack. To answer all our curly-lashed questions we went straight to eyelash expert Charlotte Creasy of Lady Lash! to find out, can you, and should you blow dry your eyelashes?

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Why would someone blow dry their eyelashes?

Some believe if you have eyelash extensions, blow drying the lashes while combing them through with a disposable mascara brush, or spoolie, post shower will prevent any criss-crossing or tangled lashes. However our expert says, “it’s not really something that we recommend to people.”

Is it safe to blow dry your lashes?

While Creasy says she wouldn’t necessarily call blow drying your lashes “unsafe”, she says it could be doing more harm to your lashes than good.

“Excessive heat can actually cause the synthetic lash fibres to relax and loosen their curl, so you could end up with straight lashes, which is not really what you want with eyelash extensions!” she explains.

How to care for eyelash extensions

We now know not what to do to our lashes, what is the best way to give your lash extensions a long and luscious life? Lady Lash! gave us the heads-up:

  • Avoid wearing mascara – you don’t need it with lash extensions! Mascara can cause clumping and may contain oils that could weaken the adhesive bond on your lash extensions

  • Don’t use an eyelash curler

  • Don’t touch, rub, tug or pull at your lashes

  • Use an oil-free makeup remover. Oil-based products will damage the lash adhesive and could result in the lashes falling out prematurely

  • Gently brush lashes with a clean eyelash wand or spoolie

  • Avoid steam rooms, saunas, and bikram yoga where possible

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