How going grey won Andie MacDowell, 64, a spot at one of the most famous fashion events in the world

''I don't want to be ashamed of my age.''
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Andie MacDowell has once again proven that grey is the new blonde, walking the L’Oreal runway at Paris Fashion Week with her natural grey mane on show.

The 64-year-old actress was the crowning jewel at the L’Oréal Paris Le Define Walk Your Worth runway on Sunday, dancing down the catwalk in a glittering gown complete with feather trim.

Her hair was the star of the show, Andie bouncing her grey corkscrew curls in her hands as she beamed at the crowds gathered for the show.

Andie MacDowell has once again proven that grey is the new blonde at Paris Fashion Week.

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The star has become a style icon for embracing her greys and refusing to bow to the expectation that women of a certain age must dye their hair to look young.

She’s been rocking the silver locks for two years now and has inspired countless other women to do the same, but the transition wasn’t painless.

Like most women, Andie has lived most of her life in a world where women are expected to do everything they can to prevent any signs of ageing, from grey hairs to laugh lines.

After hitting her 60s, that mean hours in her hairstylist’s chair hiding any streaks of silver on a regular basis. But after the 2020 lockdown, she decided she was done with it.

She’s been rocking the silver locks for two year now.

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“I was so cautious because I didn’t want anybody to be upset and I was trying to figure out how I could wear wigs to please people,” she told Vogue in 2021.

“But then once I did it, it was just so clear to me that my instincts were right because I’ve never felt more powerful.

“I feel more honest. I feel like I’m not pretending. I feel like I’m embracing right where I am. I feel really comfortable. And in a lot of ways, I think it’s more striking on my face. I just feel like it suits me.”

But on Instagram she confessed that she was hesitant about the change, even “asking permission” from friends and colleagues before she embraced the grey.

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“I was not really getting clear answers so I decided to do what I felt was right… I don’t want to be ashamed of my age,” she penned.

Cleary she made the right move, as her curly grey mane has become one of Andie’s most recognisable features, cementing her as a modern style icon.

Now it’s won her a spot on the runways of Paris Fashion Week and proven once and for all that going grey is officially fashionable.

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