One gal, one glow up: See Roxy Jacenko's epic beauty transformation over the years

The PR maven has many faces - literally and figuratively.

By Jess Pullar
Roxy Jacenko seems like something of an enigma at times - the scene queen of Australia is fuelled by her PR welding prowess and striking looks.
But the great thing about Roxy is that while her life may look incredibly glamorous and "perfect" from the outside, there's still a remarkably real and raw side to the 40-year-old that people might not necessarily be aware of.
Refreshingly, Roxy is as real as they come.
Yes, her life is filled with designer clothing, high-profile affiliates and schmancy cocktail parties (well,it was pre-COVID), she's not afraid to show a more personal, relatable side to herself.
In fact, she's been quite open about getting plastic surgery, and her awkward teen and early adult years, when she wasn't quite so, er, glamorous.
Now, she's embarking on possibly her least-glamorous role to date - battling the elements of boot camp format reality show SAS Australia, where she'll be put through the arduous and physically demanding challenges posed to those in the actual SAS.
We can't wait to see it and get behind the underdog - so to give you some hope for her outcome on the show, we take a look back at Roxy's beuaty transformation over the years. Y'know, just to remind you that she's a real human underneath that glam exterior.

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