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Hannah Gadsby showcases her trademark dark humour at the 2018 Emmy Awards

And she didn't hold back.

By Alex Lilly
While there are plenty of comedians in attendance at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, there was one hilarious Aussie who brought a dose of Aussie sarcasm.
Hannah Gadsby, who rose to worldwide fame with her Netflix special Nanette, took to the stage to announce the winner for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and decided to present the award in her signature, self-depricating way.
"Here's a surprise. A nobody from nowhere getting this sweet gig. This is not normal. The world's gone a bit crazy. I got a new suit, new boots, just because I don't like men."
When she was met with some raucous cheers from the audience, Hannah assured those listening that she was joking whilst throwing in a reference to #notallmen but "a lot of them."
"What are jokes these days? We don't know. Nobody knows what jokes are these days, especially men. Am I right fellas?"
"That's why I'm presenting alone," she finished, before accepting the award on behalf of the absent winner, Stephen Daldry for his work on The Crown.
En route to the Emmy Awards.

The star of Please Like Me posted a photo of herself en route to the awards on Instagram which she captioned, "Suited,booted, and seat belted on my way to the #emmys #notnominatedjustpresenting."
She also shared a picture of herself shaking hands with actor Antonio Banderas who is nominated for an Emmy this year for his portrayal of artist Pablo Picasso.
"Meeting the man who played picassole. We agreed on a few more things than expected #emmys #genius? #butcubism," she wrote underneath.
Hannah's Netflix comedy special Nanette was one of the most talked-about shows this year not only in Australia, but around the world. In it, Hannah, who is an Art History graduate, shuts down claims that Picasso is a tortured artist and instead shines light on how he was a 45-year-old married man in a sexual relationship with with Marie-Thérèse Walter, a 17 year old girl. She also reminds the audience that once Picasso said that he wanted to burn all women when he was done with them, destroying them so that he no longer had ties to the past.
"Picasso is sold to us as this passionate, virile, tormented genius man ballsack, right? But he did suffer a mental illness….the mental illness of misogyny."
We hope we'll be seeing Hannah at the Emmys again next year with an award in her hand.
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