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Today host Georgie Gardner breaks down taboo of silence by addressing her "traumatic" miscarriages

“It really took me to a very deep and dark place actually”

By Holly Royce
Today show host Georgie Gardner bravely opened up about her own tragic miscarriages this morning in a Today segment amid the shocking news Candice Warner went through a miscarriage as her husband David's ball-tampering scandal became headline news around the world.
"Similarly to Candice, I had a traumatic experience before I miscarried my first and immediately made that association," the mother of two- Bronte and Angus - explained in the Today segment, aiming to end the taboo of silence around miscarriage.
In 2014 the presenter told Show and Tell the experience of having two miscarriages while trying to have a third child "absolutely rocked" her.
"Some women I know have miscarriages and are very accepting and say that's OK, that's nature taking its course but, my god, it really took me to a very deep and dark place actually," she said.
"I think there are a lot of women and men walking around feeling a real ache in their heart about losing babies, I really do."

The question she finds incredibly offensive

Touching on this very personal part of Georgie's life was clearly difficult for the host, and it appeared at times she was holding back tears.
The 47-year-old also reflected on one question she found "incredibly offensive".
"One of the common things I came across, having miscarried twice myself, is people immediately asking, 'How far along were you? What week were you?'"
"As if to almost suggest that if it was the first trimester, or not far into the second trimester, it almost wasn't a baby. I found that incredibly offensive."

Candice Warner reveals her miscarriage after husband David's cricket scandal

"I don't think either of us realised how much we longed for this baby. We had been trying since last July and I did a test when we first got to Cape Town," Candice exclusively told The Weekly.
"A week after the press conference," she remembers, "I woke up feeling pretty ordinary. I called Dave to the bathroom and told him I was bleeding. We knew I was miscarrying and we held one another and cried. "