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Georgie Gardner reveals miscarriage pain

The 43-year-old news presenter has spoken out about having two miscarriages while trying to have a third child.

The 43-year-old Today presenter told Show and Tell she was "absolutely rocked" by the experience.
"Some women I know have miscarriages and are very accepting and say that's OK, that's nature taking its course but, my god, it really took me to a very deep and dark place actually," she said.
"I think there are a lot of women and men walking around feeling a real ache in their heart about losing babies, I really do."
Georgie with her children. Photo by Michelle Holden. Styling by Judith Cook and Jamela Duncan.
Georgie, who has two children - Bronte and Angus - announced last week that she was finishing up on Today after seven years.

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