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The one outfit Duchess Kate must always pack, but hopes never to wear

The British Royal Family must be prepared for anything to happen while abroad.

By Katie Skelly
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will never set out upon a royal tour without this one thing.
No, it’s not a macaroni necklace made by Princess Charlotte, or even a pair of uggs for the flight home, but rather an entirely black outfit only to be worn in the very unfortunate case that a family member may die in their absence.
And it’s not a custom exclusive to just Wills and Kate.
In fact, reports reveal the entirety of the British Royal Family must be prepared.
The Duke and Duchess will never travel without a mourning outfit prepared.
When Princess Diana’s father Lord Spencer sadly passed away while she and Prince Charles were on a skiing trip through the Alps in 1992, the couple were ready with an all-black ensemble for the journey home.
Perhaps the ruling came after Queen Elizabeth II’s father George VI’s death in 1952. When she and Prince Philip were participating in a Kenyan safari, photographers were unable to capture the pair until mourning outfits were brought in for them to wear.
Fans will recall this as a true moment harrowingly told in season one of The Crown.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip return from Kenya following the death of King George VI.
It’s not the only fascinating royal rule in place - there’s a myriad of intriguing protocol in place that the British family must follow at all times.
Until recent years, direct heirs used to be forbidden to travel together. Before the aviation industry evolved, direct heirs were never put in the same plane together in case it went down for fear of losing two potential rulers in one hit.
While quite a morbid strategy, these days the rule has been relaxed and you’ll often see Prince William and Prince George jetting about in the same aircraft.
Rules have relaxed, and Prince George and Prince William are able to fly together.
And you’ll never catch a royal accepting refreshments during a walk-about tour, no matter how peckish they may be.
It’s not because he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, it’s simply because it’s too much of a security risk to accept food from strangers. So don't be offended if your treat gets tossed, the decision to simply not eat it is a big step up from the way the royal family used to handle the threat - employing “food tasters” to test their meals for poison.
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