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Princess Mary fears there's about to be another Megxit-style shock split in her own family

After he relocated to France, Princess Mary fears Frederik's brother is about to do a royal runner.

By Woman's Day team
Just months after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked the world with their abrupt departure from the British monarchy, another royal family is preparing for a messy departure of its own.
Woman's Day has learned exclusively that Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife Princess Mary are looking to Prince William and his family for guidance, amid rumours his younger, controversial brother Prince Joachim is planning to "do a Megxit" and ditch his royal ties.
The Danish press confirms that after completing military training in Paris, Joachim, 50, is "keeping his future options open", and there are real fears among insiders within Amalienborg Palace that he will "cut his ties" like Harry did, with speculation he will "distance himself from royal life".
"The education he has completed might very well lead to a job outside of Denmark's borders," reports a local paper.
An insider tells Woman's Day: "Harry and Joachim are very similar men. They both grew up being the younger brothers of future kings, with a bit of a 'spare to the heir' complex.
Princess Mary and Prince Frederik are looking to Prince William and his family for guidance after the possibility they may be dealing with their very own "Megxit" Getty
After completing military training in Paris, Joachim, 50, (pictured with wife Princess Marie) is "keeping his future options open", and there are real fears among insiders within Amalienborg Palace that he will "cut his ties" with the royal family. Getty
"It's also worth noting that while Fred and William both married women who were prepared to do their duty to their countries as faultless future queens, Joachim and Harry weren't quite looking for the same thing, and have courted a lot more controversy in their choosing of wives.
"Harry chose an American divorcee, and many predict it won't last," says a source.
"Joachim's first wife [Alexandra, Countess of Fredriksborg] came from Hong Kong, and it was over between them within 10 years.
"Fred remembers all too well how disappointed his parents were in Joachim, and is looking closely at how William and Catherine dealt with Harry's departure in case it happens in his own family."
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In Fred's shadow

Joachim – who has dropped to sixth in line to throne behind Fred, 51, and 48-year-old Mary's four children – is now married to Princess Marie, 44.
"Word is Joachim and Marie have been growing unsettled with royal life for years, especially since it feels like they are going nowhere with it," says a source.
"They're very much in Fred and Mary's shadow, which is a source of frustration for them. Ever since Mary came along, Fred has been able to do no wrong in the eyes of the public, and Joachim feels bad Marie has been so overshadowed by her sister-in-law."
Royal insiders confirm tensions have been swelling between Joachim and Fred in recent years.
"The fact that Joachim and Marie spent the summer in France rather than with the family at their country castle is very telling," says a source.
"It won't surprise anyone if the palace announces his official exit any day now."
There are many paraels with Joachim and Marie with Harry and Meghan who both sensationally fled the Royal Palace earlier this year and moved to the US. Getty

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