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Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall: "we run our life"

Mike Tindall is tired of hearing about the alleged perks of having famous in-laws.

Mike Tindall, the husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips has defended the couple’s decision to sell photographs of their daughter Mia to Hello! magazine when she was born last year. Despite the likely fact that his famous in-laws would have been rather unimpressed with it all.
"They’re (the royal family) separate from us; we run our own life," he told Radio Times in a recent interview.
What’s more, Tindall is annoyed by the speculation that his relation to the royal family results in sweet perks.
"Why in any way am I lucky with my in-laws? They don’t give us any money. We look after ourselves – we don’t get anything for free."
While Zara’s cousin Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, are onto baby number two, the Tindalls don’t have similar plans right now. Zara, an Olympic Equestrian, is instead focused on competing in the forthcoming Rio Olympics.
And mind you, Horses and their associated costs, as Tindall pointed out in the interview, do not come cheap. So he and his wife work hard for the money,
"Horses cost a lot of money, and what you read about her sponsorships is very far off the point," Tindall said.
While Tindall was candid in the interview, some topics were strictly out of bounds, including any comment on his wife’s Uncle, Prince Andrew, who has been named in a sex scandal (a scandal which the Prince has publicly denied any involvement in).
When Tindall was asked by the interviewer how his wife was coping, Tindall had this to say "Let’s not go there," and "I don’t want to talk about that."
Meanwhile Tindall is no slouch in the hustle department, the ex- England Rugby union captain is set to appear in reality TV series The Jump, in which celebrities try their hand at winter sports.

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