British Royal Family

High-stakes horse racer, Queen Elizabeth has made an impressive $11 million on the track

One must be pleased!

By Bettina Tyrrell
Queen Elizabeth has always enjoyed horses, both riding them and watching them race. But little did we know that Her Majesty enjoyed the fruits of their winnings, so, so very much.
People revealed that new statistics showed the 91-year-old Queen has amassed over $11 million in winnings over the last 30 years. That is some serious side-hustle.
The horse enthusiast was given her first pony when she was 4-years-old and won her first race as a horse owner when she was a 23-year-old princess in 1949.
It is estimated the Queen currently owns 25 horses, and most of them are stabled at the stud on The Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.
Her Majesty's most successful run of races was in the 1930s, but according to Sean Trivass of, the Queen is "back in the game" after a good year on the track.
Pictured here in 1940, the Queen has always been an avid horse rider.
Although the Queen attends Royal Ascot races every June, Trivass reveals that her love of the horses is greatly than her love of the racing.
"She is a small owner-breeder. There is far more satisfaction as an owner-breeder to have seen that horse as a foal, grow up and then go to the races and then win it. She appreciates and enjoys that side of things as much as anything," said Trivass.
Earlier this week, Her Majesty and her eldest son, Prince Charles, 68, visited the Household Cavalary Mounted Regiment, where the royal had the honour of naming the regiment’s new drum horse, Perseus.
Fetching in a sky blue, cashmere ensemble by Stewart Parvin, the Queen was seen enjoying herself among the beautiful horses.
While visiting the stables, the Queen took the time to say hello to a particular mare, Joanie. The striking horse was given as a gift from the monarch to the regimen last year.
Upon viewing the horse the Queen remarked, "She’s quite small," and fed her a mint. When the horse curled its lips and bared its teeth, the Queen laughed, "Horrid!"
That's one brave mare! ranks the royal racer as 11th in the flat-racing season that ended on the weekend. It's estimated she earned around $706,552 this year. Giddyup!